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    Posted May 31, 2014 by
    Georgetown, Texas
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    Your modern family

    Mixed Love


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     1krgarsee and her fiancé Chris Egbe met each other in high school. Their daughter Kaylee is 3 years old. On the weekends, the three like to spend their days outside doing activities like hiking and canoeing. They also spend a lot of time with Egbe's parents who are Nigerian. 'They cook really amazing Nigerian dishes that I absolutely love,' she said.

    Despite all these happy memories, she says her family still gets stares when they go out. 'It really saddens me to know that no matter where we go as a family, people are going to judge us,' she said. When they first started dating, she noticed the gazes of others, but says things seem a bit better. 'I'm not sure if it is because we as people are becoming more open to diversity or if it's that I care less now what people think,' she added.

    Occasionally, people will ask her if she daughter is her own or if she knows how to do her daughter's hair because she is white and Kaylee is mixed. 'Honestly, I don't mind the questions. I would rather someone ask questions then to assume,' she said. She says her definition of a modern family is a two people living together under the same roof, raising a child together, biological or not. 'Chris, Kaylee, and I are very much a modern family. We do everything together. We are inseparable,' she said.

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    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    My name is Karen, I am white and my amazing fiances name is Chris, he is Nigerian. Together we have the most intelligent, funny, beautiful 3 year old named Kaylee.
    Chris and I began dating in high school when were only 16. It didn't take long before we became inseparable. Our days consisted of school, basketball, movies, and food. He quickly became my best friend.
    Soon after high school, we decided to get our own place. EEEK! I was terrified, nervous, excited...the emotions were endless. How was I suppose to poop knowing he was just in the other room? Does he snore? What if he hates the way I do things? Every thought and question ran through my mind. But some how it worked. Surprisingly, it was easy. I was living with my best friend, we no longer had a curfew, and we could eat brownies at midnight if we wanted. We were having the time of our lives.
    Some of the best days of my life past by in just a flash. Before we knew it we were expecting our first child together. Again I was terrified, nervous, excited! Am I going to be a good mother? Is Chris going to be a good father? How will I ever survive with no sleep? Will he love me when I get fat? Again every thought and question ran through my mind. Before we knew it, she was here. 10 finger, 10 toes...a magical bundle of love. It was no longer Chris and I, we had a family. We were more in love than ever. My life was and still is perfect.
    Kaylee is now 3 years old and full of life. She loves playing zombies and ballerinas, and claims she is the strongest, most beautiful ninja princess that lives. Which she is!
    Our family is perfect inside and out!
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