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    Posted June 1, 2014 by

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    Sikhs Commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Murders that the government said never happened


    · Imagine five bombings in the United States similar to the Oklahoma City bombings -- all going off simultaneously at the largest churches in the country during Christmas.


    · Imagine young people who criticize the Federal Government’s response disappearing permanently with no explanation.


    · Imagine a citizen who collects data to bring the bombers to justice also disappearing


    · All signs point to the Federal Government being behind the bombings, only to have officials tell citizens basically “That is old news. Get over it.”

    The Sikh community has been commemorating the infamous Golden Temple massacre annually since June 6, 1984. The bombings -- coupled with troops tying up and shooting worshipers -- has haunted the minority Indian community for three decades. The death toll was more than double the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings combined. And since that day, over 250,000 Sikhs have been killed by the Indian Government. Yet the Government refuses to acknowledge the incident, forcing a media blackout. So it is as if it never happened. (Not according to Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch).

    We won’t forget 9/11. Jews don’t forget the holocaust. Armenians don’t forget the slaughter of their communities. And Sikhs will not forget the brutal Government atrocities that have continued till date.

    We don’t trade with Myanmar. We sanction Putin. We deny passports to leaders of the Iran hostage crisis. What are we going to with the terrorists that have just come to power in India?

    The US government should seriously sanctions against a regime that has sponsored killings of minorities.

    If the US wants to lead the world in justice and human rights, we have to bring these murderers to justice.

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