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    Posted June 1, 2014 by

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    BOKO HARAM: motions of self-destruction

    BOKO HARAM: motions of self-destruction
    Leaning on fear, Boko Haram enslaves their defenceless victims, who in return only cower in miserable stupor. With their minds in virtual hibernation, the victim followers of Boko Haram are never in conscious participation in their terrorists' brutalities.

    Throughout the long stretches of unconscious enslavement, the brutalized followers of Boko Haram mindlessly, under the nefarious tutelage and guidance of their abductors, martial out diabolical savagery on the citizenry of the nation state of Nigeria. All through their lawless and blood-curdling operations, the Boko Haram fully engross themselves in destruction and debauchery. On every community they visit, they leave in their wake, ruins and devastation. But because they have never spent a thought on recreating and rehabilitating their immediate and larger society, they have inadvertently programmed themselves on an irreversible path of self-destruction. BOKO HARAM AND THEIR INTERNATIONAL COHORTS ARE PERFORMING ON THE TIP OF DEVIL SWORD, AND SOONER THAN THEY REALIZE, THEY WILL BE IMPALED!

    Life of the individual human or association of humans cannot, on any appreciable period of time, be sustained on fear, anguish and devastating humiliation, such as Boko Haram are meting out to their victim followers and the rest of the citizenry. The brutalizing environment of intellectual devastation, which Boko Haram created, could not sustain the vital elements, the cosmic facilities that nourish the creative firmament, upon which spiritual and intellectual evolution of humans are dependent.

    TRANQUIL physical environment is an aspect of the facilities that sustain the creative firmament. It refers to that calm that comes from, near stable political atmosphere with judicially controlled management of grievances and sundry disaffections. PEACE of mind that is a result of fair balance between the forces of lawlessness and agents of justice, is of unquestioned relevance to the creative environment.
    Then comes FREEDOM of all kinds. The incontrovertible, inalienable right of every human to perform and speak without fetters on his mind, and all the while, clearly appreciating perfect responsibility for all he does. By this, he now full consciously, elects to involve himself in only those affairs that ring right in his mind, without adverse influence outside of himself. This is the authority by which the human claims sameness with the Almighty God, as well as spiritual affinity with the entire Beings of the Hallowed Heavens. It is this same non-negotiable constitutional patrimony, that the human leans on when he professes civilization. IT IS THIS FREEDOM MOSTLY, THAT BOKO HARAM HAS VANDALIZED. BY THIS FREEDOM ALSO, THE CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY OF THE PLANET HUMANS HAVE UNIVERSALLY, BEEN CRYING OUT: #FreeChibokGirls . . . #BringBackOurGirls . . .!

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