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    Posted June 1, 2014 by
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    Email marketing is better than social media. It just is.


    I recently I wrote an article discussing the incredible effectiveness of email marketing vs social networks and it showed quite clearly that social media really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It seems the old fashioned way of pushing your message right under the noses of your potential customers is still the way to go, to the tune of being 40 times more effective.


    It was from this article I took the information, a blog by a technology PR agency that has found that inbound marketing as opposed to social media marketing has proven to be a much better bet for its clients. This is quite a revelation to many as Facebook with it’s millions of users has been touted as the best place ever to promote your business for years now and there are countless books by people trying to get us all to get a page. However things changed over at Facebook recently and we suddenly realised that the reach of our pages was much less than it was in the past.


    Due to algorithmic changes to the way it works, “page posts”, I.e. those posts you pop on your business page are seeing far fewer views than they used to. Facebook is effectively dampening the effectiveness of them and in some ways forcing people to now use it’s paid advertising platform to promote their posts. This is no doubt lucrative for the company and many have leapt to their defense saying this is the right way to go. However some, quite large, companies have taken umbrage and decided to leave the party altogether. One such company is Eat24.


    On their blog they have an open break-up letter to Facebook which is hilarious, beginning with:

    Hey. It’s Eat24. Look, we need to talk. This isn’t easy to say since we’ve been together so long, but we need to break up.  We’d love to say “It’s not you, it’s us” but it’s totally you. Not to be rude, but you aren’t the smart, funny social network we fell in love with several years back. You’ve changed. A lot.

    It goes on to discuss the reasons, which are numerous, but basically come down to the fact that these days you have to pay to get friends now. You can’t just have people see you and “like” you without you having to pay to whack your advert in their noses.   It goes on:

    So we Googled you (nothing too creepy, just some light research) and found out you’re doing this because of a new algorithm that decides what people want to see in their news feeds. If that’s true, that means your algorithm is saying most of our friends don’t care about sushi porn, that they aren’t interested in hearing our deepest thoughts about pizza toppings. Are you listening to yourself? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? You know that all those people clicked ‘Like’ on our page because it’s full of provocatively posed burritos and cheese puns, right?

    And so a meltdown happened. People thought they were crazy, surely Facebook is the place for everything these days, even “private” conversations between lovers that are aired for everyone to “coo” and “aaahhh” over? People were worried that Eat24 would lose a lot of fans and we’d all be wagging our fingers saying “I told you so” but no. That didn’t happen at all.

    Well, it’s been one month since we officially deleted our Facebook, and we have some news to share. Drumroll please. No, seriously, make a drum roll sound inside your head right now. Done? Ok. Are you sitting down? You better sit down. Alright. And the news is… Nothing happened. We repeat: nothing happened

    In fact, they go on to say that they doubled their email open rates! DOUBLED!  So there you go, no more evidence needed. Email marketing is better than social media.


    It’s also cheaper.

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