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    Posted June 1, 2014 by
    Zhaoyuan, China
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Life in China

    Six people killed the woman in McDonald’s, May 28th, China


    Six people killed the woman in McDonald’s, May 28th, China


    News Overview


    On the evening of May 28th, in the McDonald’s of Zhaoyuan, China, a man with 5 others struck a young woman so hard that the victim died after all rescue measures proved ineffectual.


    According to witnesses, the murders drove famous brand car to the McDonald’s. One girl of the six asked dining customers about their phone numbers. When she asked the victim, the victim said: “leave me alone.”
    The victim’s blunt refusal to providing numbers infuriated the six. They kicked and punched the victim. The about 30 years old woman used the chair. The shaven-headed man hit so hard that he even snapped his hollow aluminum mop.


    According to the police, the criminals, A (male, unemployed), B (the first daughter of A, unemployed), C (the second daughter of A), D (the son of A, 12 years old, a dropout), E (female, unemployed), F (female, unemployed).
    The six are members of a heretic sect.
    D is under the age of criminal responsibility.
    The police arrived at the scene in 4 minutes, but still too late.
    The police discovered many materials and books of heresy in the criminals’ home.


    One of the witness videod what happened. The brutality and bloody exasperate net citizens.
    Here are some high frequently asked questions on comments:
    Should the age of criminal responsibility be strictly observed?
    Why the unemployed can afford the famous brand car?
    Are that true the six people belonged to the heretic sect?
    Is there any corruption between the criminals and the police?
    Should the staff of McDonald’s be partly responsible for the death because they did not provide a safe dining environment?
    Why are many comments about this case on Weibo are deleted?


    Bystander effect


    “Bystander effect” is a psychological term. It means that people will be more likely to offer assistance when they think they are alone rather than those who think they that they are not. The most famous example of this effect is murder of Kitty Genovese. (I have not looked at this example for years and do not recall it).
    According to the newspaper, when Kitty Genovese was stabbed, more than 20 people saw this through their windows. Both the cruelty of the murder and the lack of neighbors’ reaction ruined a young life.


    Before the Day May 28th, I could not imagine that even chair and mop could become bloody weapons. If criminals could use them to kill the victim, why did not the witnesses and staff use them to protect the victim?
    The diffusion of responsibility phenomenon reduces personal justice. This phenomenon seems to emit a negative signal to criminals: do whatever you want and no one dare to stop you.


    Heretic sect


    The name of the heretic sect is “The Omnipotent”. The founder, Weiwen Zhao has already applied for asylum and may lives in the U.S.


    The police attribute the murder to heresy. Now the local police start to crack down on heretic crime. Behavior is correlated with belief, but correlation is not causation.


    Social responsibility


    This is not the first murder to have happened in a McDonald’s.
    On July 18, 1984, 22 people (including perpetrator) died and 19 people got non-fatal injuries in a San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre.
    On May 7, 1992, 3 people died and 1 person was permanently disabled in the Sydney River McDonald’s murders.


    Do restaurants only have responsibility for food safety and simple services?
    Do restaurants also have social responsibility for providing a safe dining environment and protect their customers when danger coming?


    In Zhaoyuan McDonald’s murder, no McDonald’s staff took any action to stop the murder. We do not require the staff “die for the strange”, please just do something, using your chair and mop to defend, not stand far away.


    I saw a moving comments on website.
    I do not know who wrote them originally.
    I translated them into English as the end of this article:


    Today I am in silence,
    Then tomorrow who will guard for me when I suffer from pains?


    If I witness the scene with apathy now,
    Then one day when injustice befall me,
    Others will also witness me with apathy.


    P.S. One of the witnesses took the pictures and video. Because he wishes to remain anonymous, I cannot found him now.
    If there is anything about the right to use the pictures and video, I will upload this article as soon as possible.

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