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    Posted May 31, 2014 by
    La Crosse, Kansas

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    How to negotiate with a kidnapper demanding ransom

    During the last of a series of interviews I had with an expert hostage negotiator working with K& R insurance we discussed the critical importance of establishing a rapport with the kidnappers during that initial series of contacts or phone calls, when the formal ransom demand is made.

    Rule #1 – standard operating procedure for any negotiator before the first contact or phone call is to set up the recording device to tape all the communications. The reason for this is so you can review the recording later on, looking for any signs of the kidnappers fears, weaknesses or manipulations.

    Remember its the kidnappers fear that are the negotiators best weapon.

    The phone call is also seen by the professional negotiator as a golden opportunity to engage the kidnapper in conversation and crack open his criminal mind and expose his weaknesses.

    The expert negotiator in this case, who wished not to be identified for security reasons, said it is very important that you never hang up on the kidnappers but wait until after they hang up first. The reasoning behind that is that they may forget and you find yourself in a position of listening into their private conversation.

    This is called, within the industry “Silent Running” by the way.

    He indicated that the worst fear, by far of any negotiator, whether they be private sector or law enforcement is that discover that your not dealing with a low life scum bag but an actual bona fide psychopath.

    He went on to say that the standard line in kidnap negotiation is “Well pay you, but you must give up proof of life first”, and the best way to do that is to be allowed to talk directly with the hostage (called: “Proof of Possession” or POP).

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    That the second most dangerous part of the kidnapping negotiation is what is called “the Exchange.”

    The Exchange is dangerous because it forces the kidnappers to come out in the open into direct contact with you or a member of your team. He reiterated that they will, of course be very afraid of getting captured or killed, since they are cowards to begin with. So the situation will be extremely tense.

    The real trick, after you negotiate the ransom demand (and settle on and actual dollar amount) is deciding the terms of when and where the drop will happen and the kidnapper is the one who is in charge of that aspect of the negotiation.

    Lastly you must receive the hostage at the same time as you give over the money or they may very well “rip you off” and you have to begin the whole process all over again.

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