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    DJ, Vocalist Bianca Linta AKA The "Futuristic The Joan of Arc" Is Pumping The Vibes


    Today we have with us singer, Songwriter, DJ, Producer. Bianca Linta, a Romanian transplant is now making waves across the United States and can best described as the “Futuristic Jeanne d'Arc” of DJs and EDM vocalists.

    She attacks the silence of the night like a sainted, but seductive, “holy spear wielding” biblical heroine from an ancient book found in alternate-reality EDM mythos.

    After hearing and feeling her music, no matter how things are going in life, you’ll know you’ve experienced something like the birth of a star; you’ll know you have LIVED! Bianca feels: “Without music I would be nonexistent. Music is Nirvana to me and I want everyone to go on this journey with me!”

    Ms. Linta has played all over the world from clubs & festivals in her native Romania, around the world, and has become a mainstay in NYC and Miami spots like: The Jane Hotel, FIFTY Miami, SL Miami, Goldbar, Le Bain, Cameo, and countless underground warehouse shows.

    She's performed at world-famous parties like Ibiza's SupermartXe, and shared stages with established heavy-hitters like MYNC, Max Vangeli, Crystal Waters, Bro Safari, MakJ, DVBBS, Gareth Emery, The Crystal Method, etc. She’s a relentless EDM force—driving & bangin’ beats into your DNA like she invented the genre herself!

    Her electro house performance set, is all about happiness, about greatness, about love for humankind, and pure inspiration!

    Now without further ado here she is Bianca Linta:

    "I have sung ever since I could remember and when I discovered djing I knew combining the two would be my life path.

    I've also always wanted to start a charity to help orphan children in Romania but I am really bad at paperwork so I decided I didn't need to.

    If you want to do good you just do it, so I donate part of my revenue directly to the children. I wanted to inspire this form of living into the younger generations and offer them a different type of a role model. Inspire them to take chances, help them see how beautiful and great they are.

    All human beings! I think my time here on Earth is my opportunity to leave something meaningful behind me and while I am here I want to make sure that every person I touch with my message continues powerful and fearless in the face of anything!

    My biggest challenge would probably be the fact that there isn't enough time in a day for all that I want to do.

    Between creating music, the business side of it, my philanthropy, and the fact that I love to learn as many things as possible so I can pass them along, it doesn't leave much time for a personal life.

    I sometimes forget to eat. I work about 16 hours a day but the moment I shut my eyes and revise my day it is all beyond worth it! I honestly don't think life is about my personal needs.

    I believe life is about everyone else around me and when I succeed, then that's when it becomes about me too.

    There are many djs out there in the EDM world nowadays but there aren't djs that sing and dj.

    While what I do is music, it is greater than just that. It is a culture that promotes love, respect and equality.

    Most djs are focused on just music; I use music as a channel to bring people to a higher level of awareness and to bring them meaningful internal happiness.

    I use music as a channel to connect with people and bring people together while I make sure they are having the time of their lives!

    After all of my shows I step down into the crowd and I interact with my fans because they are important and I want to make sure they know that!

    They are important to me, and they are important to the world!

    I insist on personally reminding them of this. I don't act unattainable because I too am a human being and it is all about establishing that connection with another human being. It is a real joy showing my fans that I am there for them!

    That is what real EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is about and I am here to reinforce that through the connections I establish with people and the fact that I get to positively impact other human beings lives.” said, Bianca Linta, DJ / Vocalist


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