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    #TakeOffJustLogo Global Demonstrations


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     MosRa is a student of MTO Shahmaghsoudi, School of Islamic Sufism, and supports the Take Off Just Logo campaign, which has been created by students and demands that Italian designer Roberto Cavalli remove a logo from his 'Just Cavalli' perfume line because of the logo’s similarity to a sacred Sufi symbol. 'For a company that has enough financial resources to do comprehensive market research, it is baffling to us all how he can make decisions which reflect clear indifference and dismissal of faith,’ he said. There is currently a change.org petition signed by more than 2,400 people demanding that ‘Just Cavalli’ “stop misrepresenting our faith.” According to other reports, the Cavalli company contests the accusations being made about the logo.

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    Roberto Cavalli's 'Just Cavalli' line has raised eyebrows by vindictively using a faith group's symbol of faith. First it was the Hindus in 2004, and now Cavalli's at it again with the Sufis.


    Cavalli claims to be using an image which represents a snake bite to reflect Original Sin, diametrically opposing the initial meaning of a sacred emblem with a heritage of 1,400 years.


    According to the students of MTO Shahmaghsoudi, the Sacred Sufi Emblem - which has been trademarked for the past 27 years and has over 150 years of recorded use - spells out Quranic phrases and Sufi teachings, and also takes the form of an open heart - the foundation and very essence of Sufism.


    Having built their #takeoffjustlogo campaign via social media platforms, the student are active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, coupled with active blogging and online petitioning.


    Throughout this consistent pressure, Cavalli has remained silent, leading to a new chapter in the campaign: Global demonstrations.


    After weeks of preparation and with the assistance of Sufi Rights, a non profit organisation dedicated to 'Safeguarding the rights of Sufis in today's corporate climate'; the students of MTO Shahmaghsoudi gathered in Dallas, Texas to protest against Roberto Cavalli's misappropriation of their School's Sacred Emblem.


    In their hundreds, they called for Cavalli to remove their faith's Sacred Emblem from his new fashion line. With the help of placards, banners and posters, they consistently pressed the issue, offering clear examples of the striking similarities between the two images.


    Next, protests travalled to London, England, where over 300 demonstrators from across Europe gathered outside the famous Victoria & Albert Museum, where Cavalli was to give a speech on fashion.


    However he was a no-show. The reason for his absence was unclear. Claims of being too unwell to travel and time conflicts were thrown around, without either quite sticking. However this did not halt the proceedings, with the demonstrators continuing to raise their voices in unison, chanting and demanding that their emblem be returned to them.


    Still, no response from Cavalli.


    With passion and growing determination, simultaneous protests next took place at locations in New York City and Los Angeles.


    Once again, students traveled in their hundreds to joined forces for the sanctity of their faith,


    They urged Cavalli to respond to them, to apologise and to #TakeOffJustLogo.


    However Cavalli continues to dismiss them, refraining from any comment.


    This has caused outrage on the part of the students, of which there are over 500,000 worldwide. With his unwillingness to listen to their claims, the protest have only begun, with planned demonstrations in France, Germany, Spain and Canada in the upcoming weeks.

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