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    Look Like You're Driving An Expensive Car Without Spending A Ton


    Look Like You're Driving An Expensive Car Without Spending A Ton


    You don't have to be rolling in the bucks in order to look like you do. Here are a few steps to make your car look like it costs a lot more than it really does.


    Buy Certified Luxury


    This is one of the biggest secrets to driving a luxury car without paying full price. Do you think the average person can tell the difference between a 2012 Mercedes and a 2014 model? The answer is a resounding no. Unless a car model changes drastically they usually look pretty similar from year to year except for small tweaks here and there.




    A lot of people are against leasing and will say it's a waste of money since it doesn't build equity. That is fine if you care about value and saving money. Please remember that not all people have the same values and objectives. If you want to drive a new vehicle and switch vehicles often than leasing will be a good fit for you. It's great for people who get tired of driving a BMW after 2 years and want to try a new Audi next.


    Clean And Polish


    Ok, so you can't afford a new lease or certified vehicle? You can make your car look more expensive by keeping it clean, polishing up the rims and getting it buffed and waxed to get rid of scratches and swirls. A “shiny” looking car will look a lot more pricier than one with a dull faded coat. An expensive car can still look pretty cheap if not properly maintained. A few exterior touches such as new rims can also make a big difference.


    Not Expensive, Just Expensive Looking


    Ok, you don't have to buy a Benz or BMW to look rich. Some cars just “look” expensive. One example is the Ford Fusion which is now available at dealers nationwide such as http://www.sampack.com/
    It looks expensive mainly due to the front grille which is very similar to that of the much pricier Aston Martin. If you want a car that “looks” expensive try to avoid the models that are well known to be affordable; find vehicles that have a unique design.

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