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    My dreams

    My dreams i kept having over and over and only stoped till i put pen to paper The visions where like a movie where i was standing watching as it happened

    This book of mine was a recurring dream that only stopped after putting pen to paper. Stunning controversy exists today that's spinning out of control, and we are all in too deep to see the real truths. A powerfully kept secret is contained in this book and one day we sheep must stop following blindly and make a stand, head to head.
    We must turn the tide before all is lost. The world is in chaos in the mid-21st century, and the predictions of the End Times seem to be coming true. Only the hidden esoteric wisdom of the breathtakingly beautiful Maia, the mystical Wicca Queen, can save the world. Armies are on the march, greedy for expansion and whatever else the Queen's magic can provide.
    The future hangs in the balance as world powers fight for control. Aided by her tribe, led by warrior Odin, the Templar Knights and the secret Black Pope, the Queen battles for survival, because unless a new world order is achieved, no-one is safe.

    I urge all readers to question what they come to know as the truth. Question ever think your leaders tell you
    I not totaly for the (New World Order) as these will trap us all my dreams are some times so strong and so real and so far a lot of them are true and coming true.

    Put simply, some truths still remain untrue and unanswered. However, this can only take place if you have an open mind. Free thinking is therefore crucial to considering the possible upcoming End Times, as well as for trying to work out a solution Continuing, “My book will give readers from all walks of life something to think about. Literally created in my sleep, I’ll introduce every reader to the wisdom of Maia. If they haven’t heard of her before, they’ll be grateful for the heads-up. It could literally change their lives and the lives of those they love It was short book and took me a few years to get this far But after all was done those dream stopped I still have a lot of dreams where it more like film set where I am watching right by the action or part of the film it self .

    I believe if I can make a book and sell some copy’s then ever one can do this as there so much happening all over the world people need to put it on paper and tell there story

    The Wicca Queen: Mother Earth’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1fLWwJm.
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