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    True Beauty lies Within


    Millions of people undergo plastic surgery every year in their quest for physical beauty. They want so badly to be beautiful they’re willing to suffer great physical pain, spend thousands of dollars and risk becoming permanently disfigured or even dying in the process.


    We live in a society obsessed with physical beauty and the youth culture—beauty at all costs. Numerous people in the world experience great sadness and suffering because they believe that they are ugly. Many well-intentioned people, try to help alleviate their misery by offering various solutions, but are they real solutions?  


    These so-called "solutions" are generally of two kinds:

    1) Try to change your body so that it becomes more beautiful than it is; a new hairstyle, the proper use of makeup, loose a few pounds, or have cosmetic surgery

    2) Increase your self esteem by having a positive self-image of yourself - feel beautiful and you will be beautiful.


    This is a very sad situation. Trying to overcome the ugliness of the physical body by either make-believe, so-called positive thinking, thinking that you’re beautiful when your body is not, and the process of trying to re-arrange your body so that it actually becomes beautiful.  These approaches are not solutions at all. It is very important to see the fallacy in these types of artificial solutions.


    Everyone’s body eventually becomes old and loses the attractiveness of youth. It’s an inevitable part of life. No matter how much plastic surgery one has, eventually the skin will start to droop and things just won’t look like they used to.


    According to the wisdom of yoga teaching the reason why a person feels that they are ugly and why they feel so much anxiety in connection with this is because they identify themself with that body.


    The real solution is understanding your real identity. Your real identity is spirit soul, you are not matter at all.  You are the spirit soul only temporarily in a material body.  It may be an ugly body.  It may be a beautiful body.  It may be a brown body.  It may be a white body.  But it’s irrelevant it doesn’t matter what kind of body you’ve got.


    It’s just like if I have a shirt that’s dirty, or if I have a shirt that’s a little torn.  And I’m in great anxiety about that, “Oh my shirt.  Ooh my shirt is ugly.”  But if I know I’m not my shirt then I don't get in that much anxiety about it, it does not cause me to be depressed. It’s not that big a deal, I don’t think it’s me. 


    Understanding the truth of the matter; your body may be ugly but it doesn’t matter because it’s not you. You are not the body so the ugliness of the body is not your ugliness.


    If a person wants to experience their real beauty, they have to experience that "aham brahmasmi" - I am the spark of life, the beautiful spark of the Supreme Soul only temporarily in this body.  That is real self-esteem.



    To learn more about how the teachings of yoga can help one achieve inner peace and happiness, visit Science of Identity Foundation on any of the online properties below.




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