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    Watertown, New York
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    Secretary of State John Kerry 'Swiftboats' Edward Snowden- Calling Him a Traitor and Coward- The Irony

    Secretary of State John Kerry, was swift boated himself by Bush's Brain, Karl Rove in during his presidential campaign which lead us to another four years of George W. Bush in the White House. He had some choice words for Edward Snowden:
    “Edward Snowden is a coward,” Kerry told Chuck Todd on MSNBC. “He is a traitor. And he has betrayed his country. And if he wants to come home tomorrow to face the music, he can do so.”
    Face the music? Here? In the U.S.?
    Didn't Bradley Manning 'face the music', Secretary Kerry?
    And that trial was public, right? Americans were able to watch all the details the government presented to convict Manning in their military tribunal..er..rather kangaroo court.
    It was a complete mockery of justice that was designed only to intimidate any whistleblower from coming forward about the doings of our now secretive government.
    Noam Chomsky brings up an excellent point in his defense of Snowden against the likes of Secretary of State Kerry in his article, "Edward Snowden, the World's Most Wanted Criminal".
    He states that: "It is also well to remember that defense of the fundamental right to privacy helped to spark the American Revolution.
    In the 18th century, the tyrant was the British government, which claimed the right to intrude freely into the homes and personal lives of American colonists. Today it is American citizens' own government that arrogates to itself this authority."
    Chomsky continues by asking what all of us should ask ourselves in regards to what our country is doing and why.
    "These exposures lead us to inquire into state policy more generally and the factors that drive it. The received standard version is that the primary goal of policy is security and defense against enemies.

    The doctrine at once suggests a few questions: security for whom, and defense against which enemies? The answers are highlighted dramatically by the Snowden revelations.

    Policy must assure the security of state authority and concentrations of domestic power, defending them from a frightening enemy: the domestic population, which can become a great danger if not controlled.

    It has long been understood that information about the enemy makes a critical contribution to controlling it. In that regard, Obama has a series of distinguished predecessors, though his contributions have reached unprecedented levels, as we have learned from the work of Snowden, Greenwald and a few others.

    To defend state power and private economic power from the domestic enemy, those two entities must be concealed - while in sharp contrast, the enemy must be fully exposed to state authority.

    The principle was lucidly explained by the policy intellectual Samuel P. Huntington, who instructed us that "Power remains strong when it remains in the dark; exposed to the sunlight it begins to evaporate."
    Complete article here:
    As we can see, from Kerry's remarks about Snowden, our government has something to hide and they believe something to fear from the truth about their deeds that Snowden has revealed.
    Today, working in sync with the Obama's Justice Department, the U.S. Supreme Court "refused to intervene on behalf of a New York Times reporter who is facing prison for refusing to identify a confidential source.

    The court rejected requests from James Risen, plus several media organizations, to overturn a lower court’s order on the grounds that reporters are protected by the constitution from testifying about their sources. "

    “The lower court’s ruling sends an undeniable chill through current and future news sources who would want to come forward with information essential to the well-being of the community and the country.”
    As Snowden has so eloquently pointed out during his first televised interview that our government has turned the lens of the NSA's spying apparatus inward on American citizens.
    After years of an unnecessary war in Iraq, the insidious plan to gut the American middle class economy which has left us vulnerable to corporate interests and the continued threat of the use of force to coerce the subjugated nations around the World, Americans have been left disillusioned about the nature of our government.
    Under the U.S. hegemony, any rebellion (social, political, economic, armed) is eliminated either by co-optation of the rebels or by suppression (police and military).
    The U.S. is using the information they gather from the NSA spying program to conduct operations that secure the policies of the 'State'.
    Edward Snowden's crime was to expose the illusion that is our government.
    The view Americans and the World have had of the U.S. Government's efforts as being benign has changed.
    People have become more clearly focused on the reality of the spying programs and skeptical of their intentions and goals.
    That is why Snowden is the most wanted 'criminal' in the World, according to those in our government.
    Its hard to continue to lie when you have someone disputing those lies with the harsh reality of what's being done in secret.

    So, Secretary of State John Kerry is wrong. Edward Snowden is no coward or traitor as he would hope Americans would believe. Snowden is a true American hero for taking great personal risk to bring us the untarnished truth about a government that has run amuck.
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