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    Obama Again Shows his Colors : Bowe Bergdahl Case Calls for Impeachment

    I am disgusted and shocked. But I should not be. Obama is acting in a manner that is true to his salt. It is just a reiteration of his real self- bowing before the Saudi King, treating Iran with consideration and in fact, winking at their deeds, denigrating Israel, thus going back of committed US policy. Imagine the mightiest government kowtowing to a terrorist group and then trying to camouflage its action as action to save a hero. The reality is that a deserter was exchanged with five leaders of terrorism, to capture whom hundreds of brave American soldiers shed their blood.
    I felt nauseous when I heard Fox News’ Harris Faulkner refer to Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl as a local hero. Since when are the deserters heroes- maybe the lexicon of Obama-servile media is undergoing a sea change.
    This deserter should have been court-martialled, rather than being lionized, the way it is being done. We need to know the truth and truth is that Obama and cohorts have in fact committed an act of promoting terror, albeit indirectly by releasing the planners and promoters of anti-west terrorism.
    SGT Bergdahl was not “captured” by the enemy in 2009. He deserted and abandoned his assigned post on his Forward Operating Base (FOB), leaving his weapon. And as a matter of fact many U.S. Army Soldiers lost their lives searching for this man- who left his post in a cowardly and unprofessional manner -Bergdahl. In ordinary course, he might have faced firing squad. His disappearance can only be classified as desertion and the media must not abandon truth and honesty just to tell good news story to promote Obama. Evidently they are trying to suppress the truth, and the light of truth shines through all the covers of deceit and dishonesty. The allegation of desertion is serious. It is grave because it occurred during a war, during combat operations. And it calls for a Court martial. The plea of the Honorable defence Secretary was not only ludicrous , but pathetic and reminded me of the honesty and goodness of Brutus and his ilk who need to be exposed.
    The U.S. Army must uphold its well known professional integrity, proper order and discipline and this allegation must be investigated — even though the truth is already known. Unfortunately the Commander-in-Chief and his Defence secretary are the real guilty people, insofar as they are not only shielding the guilty, but have also taken the unprecedented step of releasing those people who are sworn to destruction of US. Are people like Obama and Chuck , in fact , not guilty of treason. I believe the liberal media will attempt to elevate him to some type of status that will cause the Army not to pursue the right direction under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Those who have served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other combat areas of operation against radical Islamists know they don’t hold our troops — they are savagely and brutally murdered. They exist to kill Americans. And releasing their patrons, guides and leaders , Obama and his team have injected life saving drug to this menace. I wonder are there no real patriots left in US who should ensure the start of impeachment process for this anti-national action.
    Are we glad that Bergdahl is home? After five years, yes, but there are many unanswered questions that cannot be dismissed because of emotions. Evidently, there has been a marked shift in US policies. America has now negotiated with terrorists, because the Taliban is not a nation-state, it is a non-state, non-uniform belligerent organization, a terrorist group. This is a dangerous precedent and was done unilaterally by President Obama.
    How many of US troops lost their lives and sacrificed to capture those five senior Taliban leaders? All for naught. I must admit, the only way I would have released these barbarians would have been once a tracking chip/device had been implanted — without their knowledge. I believe there are long-term ramifications that will result from the release of these five terrorists — there was a reason why the Afghan Taliban demanded these five.
    And why would Obama enter into brokerage with Qatar, a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood? I believe we should see them for who they are and cease air operations from that country. And the timing of this action is equally crucial. It was in fact well thought out to get mileage and planned the way how the media works — hence why Obama made this move over the weekend, on Saturday, as a matter of fact. The belief is that we will cease paying attention to the story by middle of this week. But we cannot. Bergdahl is home, but emotions cannot allow us to abandon our senses, as he abandoned his post.
    It is possible that Americans might have already forgotten what happened in Clinton era. I have not. The New York Times of May 2, 1999 carries in detail the same stupidity and to quote:
    "Three American soldiers held captive for more than a month were released today and handed over to the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson for their trip home. On Saturday President Slobodan Milosevic of Yugoslavia agreed to free the Americans after a lobbying effort by Mr. Jackson that was not sanctioned by United States officials.
    "The soldiers, who were captured March 31, said they had no ill will toward the Yugoslav people and were treated well. Staff Sgt. Christopher J. Stone also said he was thankful for the gesture of goodwill. He and the other soldiers, Staff Sgt. Andrew A. Ramirez and Specialist Steven M. Gonzales, then joined Mr. Jackson for the trip home. After winning Mr. Milosevic’s promise on Sunday to release the men, Mr. Jackson urged NATO to reciprocate by immediately halting further air strikes and opening negotiations on Kosovo."
    Of course, the question back then by those of us in the military was, how did these guys get captured and not fire off a single shot or make a radio call for reinforcements? They were taken along with their HMMWV gun truck. The dirty little secret was that they were somewhere they should not have been.
    Do the Americans have to bear this burden for ever? Would they shed blood to safeguard their nation and then permit desecration of that blood by inept, and even, treasonable action by the executive? Would some right thinking Congress members take up and initiate impeachment proceedings? Today there is need of such a drastic action - tomorrow may be too late.
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