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    Posted June 3, 2014 by
    Courtice, Ontario
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    Travelling abroad was a childhood dream. It was an inspiration carefully nitched in my young and innocent mind. In those years, this fantasy stretches as far as the vast horizon. I lived in a small barrio far from civilization in my old country, the Philippines. How can I even afford to ride a plane when I am surrounded by barrio folks who lived innocent lives?


    My father was a teacher. My mother was a simple housewife who was left alone rearing for her children. My father was the only breadwinner in a family of seven. We barely had enoughed to live a comfortable life. But my father was considered a local figure of charitable deeds. The respect of the people in our community compensated what we don't have in terms of money. We were neither poor nor rich. We belonged to the middle class.


    Education was important to us. Almost everyone in my father's families were teachers. We were considered a family of educators. This was my parents' dream for all their children to be educated properly. In my quest to follow my dreams, I refused to follow my father's wishes to follow his footsteps to become a teacher myself. I wanna go places, my dreams of travelling in diffferent countries still stands.


    Perhaps it was destiny proclaimed because no matter how much I tried to find work that was fitted for my qualifications. I never made it. Instead, I worked and trained as a security officer and worked a job paid weekly for a salary worth an approximate $1.50 CDN a week in the 80s. That was toughed living in the city with such income. But I persevered. I swallowed my pride and continued working. There were times when I couldn't even afford to buy my own foods. In a couple of years I gave up and went home to my parents.


    I tried surviving on my own and built a small business. But after a few months it didn't prosper due to family interference. One day, all hell broke loose when a family feud errupted forcing me out of the family. Whatever misunderstanding there was, I stood my ground until I couldn't bear it any longer. I left and venture to the big city of Manila where I tried applying for a job in Hong Kong even if it means I will enslave myself.


    I believe in destiny. I then realized that perhaps I am on my road to follow my dreams. After some interviews I was accepted and landed a job as a domestic helper. Nevertheless, I was happy to finally get out of my country and start a different life in a different country. On the day of my departure with a small luggage beside me, I said goodbye to my family in silence. There  was no turning back and I had no time to even tell them. Anger and hatred devoured my heart. Next to me was another migrant whose child she would leave behind was only a month old. I was silently watching her as she kissed and hugged her baby before getting on board the plane that will take us to a new territory with uncertain future.


    My employer picked me up from the airport and cautiously drove me home with her. They lived in a modest house that belonged to her husband's brother. They were only renting the place. On my first night, my female employer took me to a night market where she showed me flowers of various kinds. But the ones I choose were Daffodils whom I often read in books and novels.


    After a couple of months, my employers were unexpectedly moved out of their rented place. They moved to a small dilapidated house with very little space for a family. There was nowhere for me to sleep so they build me a sleeping space in the kitchen attic. I climb through a steel ladder and crawled every night to sleep. The ceiling above me was so low I couldn't even sit. It was an inhuman condition that I was prepared to face and endure if only to make it farther where I really wanted to be- Canada.


    In the years that followed and after I was done with my contract with them I started applying for Canada.  I made it. In 1998 i finally set foot in the cold wintery grounds of Edmonton, Alberta. How can I not looked back with a smile on my face to that day when I dreamed about going this far?


    Canada is my final destination. A country that is so welcoming I fall in love with this country instantly. Although I am an immgrant who struggled the differing culture. This is home for me. The home that I dreamed of and the place where I wanna take my last breath.


    I believe in the power of perseverance and the art of being patient to realize your dreams. Because dreams have wings....

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