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    Posted June 5, 2014 by
    Cedar Grove, New Jersey
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    The most expensive thing I ever bought

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    A "Luxury" But Worth Every Penny


    Outside of the usual life purchases, like cars, house, furniture, trips, etc., the most expensive and well-worth "luxury item" my husband and I have ever purchased has to be our beautiful, much adored hairless Sphynx cat, Lucy Leal-Goldstein. Although, I can't really say we "own" her. She is very much the queen of the house. In many ways, she owns us.


    My husband and I both love cats, but because I am severely allergic to cats, we were unable to adopt a cat with fur. Although Sphynx cats are not completely hypoallergenic, I am able to tolerate this breed very well.


    Sphynx cats are one of the friendliest, most affectionate and intelligent cat breeds around. They love attention from their humans and aren’t aloof like many of other cats are. They are the quintessential lap cat. A Sphynx is likely to follow you around the house and greet you and other pets and friends at the door, like a puppy would. They are a very curious and active breed that love to explore indoors and out and they enjoy being the center of attention. They are very social and loving. They like to shower their humans with lots of snuggly affection and they like to entertain them with silly tricks and antics.


    Lucy has given us 13 wonderful years (and counting) of unconditional love, adventures and companionship. She is very much a beloved member of our family and we consider ourselves beyond lucky to have her in our lives. We spoil her rotten and she returns the favor.


    Sure having a beautiful, exotic-looking pet is great and all, but the greatest luxury of all is being able to share our lives with her despite my cat allergy.  She is the best $2,500 we have ever spent. Worth every penny. :o)


    All photos by Lulis Leal

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