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    Posted June 5, 2014 by

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    Crazy Racist Rant Goes Viral with 4.5 millions view

    Crazy Racist Rant Goes Viral with 4.5 millions view
    By Karita Fleming

    Upstate New York Man catches Crazy Racist Rant on camera.Since May 30th more than 4.2 million people have watched the YouTube video titled “Blatant Racism in Cheektowaga NY”

    On May 30th, Narvell Benning ,36 was on his way to work in Buffalo N.Y. when he stopped at a Dollar General to buy deodorant. When Mr.Benning left the store and got inside of his truck. Several children were playing on the sidewalk near his truck. He started up his car and the sound startled the children.That was when the mother, N.Y. city stripper,Janelle Ambrosia, lost it.

    Ms.Ambrosia launched her verbal assault by saying, ‘You ignorant fucking N*gger.’ Mr.Benning responds by asking her, "What did you say?" She responds again by saying, ‘You ignorant fucking N*gger. Mr.Benning responds in disbelief, Wow, I can’t believe you said this,”.

    Now what truly makes this story amazing is that while most of us, this reporter included may have lost our head .Benning says" that keeping his composure was necessary for him to document the racism that many Americans refuse to acknowledge". Instead of getting angry and retaliating .Mr.Benning used the most effective weapon we have against tyranny in the 21st century, his cellphone. Mr.Benning started to record Mrs.Ambrosia.

    In the video , Mrs.Ambrosia begins to hurl racist rants at Mr.Benning while purportedly on the phone with her husband.A hysterical ,Mrs.Ambrosia repeatedly unleashes a foul-mouthed, racially charged tantrum repeatedly calling Mr.Benning, the N-word.She also states that her "husband also hates N***rs too.

    Since the video hit the internet, Mrs.Ambrosia has stated that she isn't racist because she "has a black cousin" and has gone on to claim a Bi-polar mental health condition as the reason for this tirade.
    Mr.Ambrosia has since filed for full custody of the son and daughter.

    Mrs.Ambrosia has gone on to say that "Quite frankly, if you look it up, n***** means an ignorant person.But it’s okay for him to call me a racist or honky. That’s racist". In fact she would be right if Mr.Benning had actually said any of those things.

    In the Video Mrs. Ambrosia further states "How many cops have I stripped for?’ and follows it up with ‘You're not getting far, b****.

    In reference to the incident ’The Cheektowaga Police Chief David Zack has stated that, “There is possibly disorderly conduct that could possibly rise to the level of harassment, but both are violations.”

    Benning says he experienced a lot of racism, but much of it was in passing. The encounter on May 30 was the very first time that the term“N*gger” was thrown at him . Mr.Benning has stated the all he wants is his video to document the reality that racism is real and that America has a long way to go before it can call itself “post-racial.

    “I just want the world to know that ignorance is everywhere,” Benning states, “not just in California with Donald Sterling, not Florida with Trayvon Martin, not just Louisiana with the Jena six. It’s in Buffalo, New York. It’s right here, and luckily, I got it on tape to prove what’s been happening for years.”

    Is Racism Over ? Sound Off .
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