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    Posted June 5, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana

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    Omaha Beach to the Bunkers of Berlin


    I  would be remiss and would fail in my responsibility to the memory of  all those who gave their lives on Omaha Beach, Normandy, France 70 years  ago in what proved to be the drive that led to the fall of the Nazi  regime and brought peace to a world torn by war, if I did not snap to  attention and salute those military heroes of yesteryear.

    My  grandfather and great uncles were among those who served. One of my  great uncles, Hobart Powell, did not return from that war. Though I  never was given the pleasure of knowing him, he is still alive in our  hearts and memories.

    Of those who assaulted the beach that day, some came home, but many were left dying or dead in the sand.

    As the Nazi forces tried to beat back the coalition forces of Allied  powers, the German High Command failed to understand the resolve of  these brave soldiers to make the world safe, to end the scourge of the  Nazi atrocities and to bring peace to a troubled people.

    Those  efforts, those deaths were not in vain. The comrades of those who had  been killed kept pressing on until they marched into Berlin and put an  end to the tyranny.

    From the Cornfield, pause with me now to  remember and to salute those who gave their lives and all of those whom  Tom Brokaw rightly labeled, "The Greatest Generation".

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