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    Posted June 6, 2014 by

    European Parliament to destroy united Europe under Moscow agents’ influence

    No self-respecting edition ignored top-theme of the past week – European Parliament elections. The interest was raised not by the process, but by the result. Finally, believes the head of Washington Post London Office Griff Witte, the EU is a “culture war” between liberals and conservatives. And if the Eurovision victory ConchitaWurst was the triumph of the first, the elections to the European Parliament have the opportunity to become a rematch last.
    So, the main trend of the parliament elections isbig gains for far-right and Eurosceptic parties. Though pro-Europeans retained the most seats this fact makes Europe much nervous. Manuel Valls, France’s prime minister, where ultra-right Front National gained 25 per cent of the vote, compared elections’ results to “an earthquake”. David Cameron, United Kingdom prime minister, where almost 30 per cent of the votes were gained by the UK Independence Party, which stands for immigrant flow restrictions and EU secession, claimed the elections’ resultsto give “clear understanding” that from now united Europe cannot remain the same.
    The crisis played a malicious, but historically predictable trick. Despite the fact that many declare such a gain by anti-EU forces to be the result of hard economic crisis consequences and unpopular social reforms, there are others who clearly realize: EU collapse lies in the range of interests of the outer force and it uses every leverage and mechanism to succeed. This outer force has an official name - Moscow.
    All positive moments of European Parliament elections are distinctly perceived in Moscow. That is why Russia pays much attention to ultra-right parties. For example, it is known that during Marine Le Pen, the leader of Front National, whose triumph at the elections became a natural sensation, visit to Russian capital she met with Sergey Naryshkin, Russian Duma head, who underwent European sanctions. Moreover, there she appeared to be contra “cold war” with Russia. Ms Le Pen said France want to be run “by French, for the French and with the French” and not by “foreign commissioners” in Brussels. Strict instructions by Kremlin are preferable for Ms Le Pen, especially as they are financially supported. Jean-Luc Melenchon, France’s Left Front co-leader and EP deputy speaks in unison with Le Pen. He is the one, who actively promote and sustains Kremlin’s policy in European Parliament.
    Another famous French friend of Moscow – Nicolas Sarkozy has broken two years silence voicing his proposition to create Franco-German economic zone. He called EU a ridiculous administrative labyrinth. According to him, the main countries responsible for the European Union should not enjoy equal rights with such small states as Malta, Cyprus or Luxemburg.
    How it came that France, the one of the founding states of the EU and keeper of democratic values, actively advocates totalitarian and corruptive Kremlin policy? Evidently, as always, the reason is money. It should be noted that Moscow thoroughly trains such agents of influence not only in Europe. Russian secret services actively cooperate with representatives of European political and diplomatic elite all over the world, especially on the territories of former USSR. And French are again in the spotlight! Now in Uzbekistan.
    Active propaganda work is performed by the French defense mission, which was opened in Tashkent according to France Ministry of Defense decision in 2012. The personnel of the mission are Defense Attache Liuetenant-Colonel Jean-Philippe Tardieu and his assistant Major Philip Ribeiro. Mission purpose is to develop military cooperation between France and Uzbekistan. But instead of thinking of France well-being, those officers maintain Russia’s interests.
    What is the reason for that? May be family relations of the mission personnel? May be money? Whatever it could be French diplomatic officers allow themselves to talk about Europe sponsored by the United States to support fascism, to give unpleasant characteristics to European leaders together with Hollande and Merkel, charging them with Russophobia and provocations against Moscow. If to believe the speeches of the French mission officers, only Poles are happy in European Union, the other nations are against it.
    We all understand that to make people believe some political force one would need undeniable facts and evidences. And what could be better than information from the first-person, who serves in military attaches corps, and which is distributed through colleagues and friends, correspondence and phone talks, at official and private meetings. This French persistently asserts righteousness and appropriateness of Putin decisions and political steps. He tries to convince honest French people that democracy disappeared in France and there is no fair party except for Front National. He calls President Hollande a cheater and corruptor, sponsored by official Washington.
    “Europe should listen to what happened in France. When France votes like it did on Sunday, when Front National won 25 per cent of votes, yes we have a problem” – said F. Hollande at EU Heads of State and Governments Summit in Brussels.
    Mr. Hollande should set eyes at officials and diplomats, who destroywellbeing of France, and not only of France. Many optimists think that European Parliament is just talks around nothing, and that it possesses no real political weight. But one shall not forget that European Parliament was founded to provide closer relations between countries and now it can become, with Russian help, a destroyer of the united Europe!
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