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    Report Shanxi province SASAC chairman Gao Zhijun original is too heavy, forest the right rent seeking embezzlement of state-owned assets of the crime
    Reporter: an Hongfa
    Address: Berlin District informants million Jade River Street Taiyuan City School No. 49 3 unit 20
    Informants telephone 13453128993, ID 140104196406232215
    Report the facts:
    Gao Zhijun, the former Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Chairman, forest by former deputy general manager of Taiyuan heavy machinery group and too heavy social development corporation general manager. So heavy is the large state-owned

    enterprises in China, in 2005 July the main auxiliary separation reform. Gao Zhijun and Lin by National Document No. 859 illegal rent-seeking, collusion with low value assessment, means not assessment, will be a large number of state-

    owned assets transferred to the hands of individual forest, forest once again take various illegal means violating the legitimate rights and interests of workers. After the establishment of the Shanxi forest too heavy industrial

    investment company, chairman of the board of directors, holding up to 12%, Lin was as easy as blowing off dust a night will have a large number of state-owned assets. I to defend national property, in order to safeguard the rights and

    interests of workers, strong demand for investigation, punish criminals.
    The informer An Hongfa first statement, report the facts which I fabricated, willing to bear the crime of false accusation crime criminal law, breach of the peace, the 243 false accusation, subject to any penalties including shot I be

    most willing to. The report is true, and the locations of the government and law enforcement departments, and release the results to the entire factory worker, I will always pay attention to the progress report of seek truth from facts,

    until the.
    A heavy, hotel
    Built in 1995, 2005 as a three-star hotel, do not belong to the class are second rate in Taiyuan city? There are ten layers of the main building, second floor, office car park, garden, covers an area of 15 mu, building area of about 8500

    square meters, Gao Zhijun, Lin Jing et al the black box operation, evaluation of only 8000000 yuan, less than 950 yuan per square meter, the price of which are not enough, there are depreciation, why did not the market reference price?

    The hotel manager Huang Xianmin card, phone 13903467008. Too heavy a to nine blocks of the Soviet Union 50 years cover Tongzilou why assessment without depreciation? And only the market reference price, and reset price evaluation,

    assessment 1584 yuan per square metre, why 95 years building hotels and 50 years of Soviet architecture difference so big? It is difficult to make out a good case. Only this one Xingye illegally seized workers property totaling

    64665216000 yuan (a total of 504x12830.4 yuan / inter).
    The two hospital workers ` too heavy
    1994 was awarded the two armour hospital, covers an area of 40 mu, building area of 18000 square meters, is a first-class hospital in state-owned enterprises in Taiyuan City, to assess the price is only about 1000000 yuan, less than 100

    yuan per square meter and CT and other medical equipment, nearly white to the forest by. In 2007 industrial investment company to the hospital grounds cover infectious ward, built a 20 storey building, in the absence of any department

    authorized real qualifications, housing will be sold commercial housing, Taiyuan city channel 110 reported its illegal behavior, that is fine processing, was fined on the legal? The report by the then president Shi Xiaoxing, telephone

    Three, too heavy technical school
    Covering an area of 17.5 mu, building area of 5100 square meters, has 60 years of history, in the country is having a great reputation, building assessment only 930000 yuan. The student apartment of more than 3970 square meters, more

    than 1460 square metres of student canteen without evaluating, belonging to the concealment of assets, according to the national law, constitutes a crime of malicious embezzlement of state-owned assets, according to the people's Republic

    of China "criminal law" 382nd article 383 shall be subject to criminal penalties, the relevant responsible person shall embezzle embezzlement of state-owned assets restrain by law.
    Four, the left hand down the right hand
    Gao Zhijun transferred to the forest the size of floor 34, how to evaluate, not elaborate, forest by January 1, 2006 to set up his own company, the registered capital of 10000000 yuan, now forest by claiming to have more than 1000000000

    yuan of assets, 7 years over 100 times, while wages remain in the 2004 to 2005 levels, by contrary Lin, executive but over the past thousand times, executive turned over hundreds of times, iron evidence, not the forest was made 1

    billion, but the original value of the assets value of 1 billion, say, Lin Jing now owned assets are owned.
    Five, naked official
    After the reform of forest by around 2006 and immediately put the wife, daughter to live in England, become real naked official, seriously violates the central policy, this kind of person for the country, for the people, for the workers

    willingly and gladly benefit? Every year hundreds of thousands of annual salary, stock dividends in 2009 12% 2011 1200000 yuan, stock dividend of 2539200 yuan ($187.87x1.4) became a millionaire.
    Six, rob workers financial
    The company in charge of forest industrial power, tried various ways to secretly withheld employees money, according to the national spirit of the document according to seniority workers compensation, cases of restructuring: Forest by

    Wang Jianhong, Li Chongfeng, Xu Huichong, Zhang Ruanhong, Shang Zhuan Xu Mei, economic compensation Zhi Zhong and other people, that is how many money? After I repeatedly to the report, the forest through to these comrades replacement.

    This is I in accordance with national policies calculated and strive for. If I am not seek out forest by active to my office? In accordance with the heavy restructuring plan, and state documents in reorganized staff should get service

    compensation, 72 old workers have compensation points are not taken, but these workers retired in 2006 2, April 3, average 40000, compensation X72=288 Yuan who went to the pockets? This is less compensation amount, the Maoni found now,

    Lin the helpless to give up, but do not know the people can eat yabakui. According to "the people's Republic of China criminal law," 270th article 264 constituted a crime.
    Seven, illegal remove labor contract
    Lin was worse with the


    举报人电话13453128993、 身份证号140104196406232215






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