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    Posted June 7, 2014 by
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Real Fathers Still Exists



     Bless! has pioneered Father's Rights and family structure throughout his career since his first album'Unstable Resident', with songs like 'Real Man' and'Parents Address'. Speaking out on social issues, such as, men being in the house with their children, the love and bond between parent and child and the mistreatment of the children through the parents altercations. Especially with lyrics like, "There's alot of dads who never had one asa son, daddy pay your child support, stop denying your daughters and sons'" and "You're the reason why GOD keeps me living...I never met speaking about his children. He a


    lso spoke on the issue of men being refused to spend time with their children on his second album '2nd Time Out: America's Nightmare', on the song 'I Cry'. "Parents using kids as ponds on the divorce stage, little girls grow up to hate men ata young age, little boys learn how not to stay at home, have babies and be gone", then goes on to say, "drowning our children, far from their baptism,  pay child support for weekend rentals, the courts call it visitation". With radio refusing to play such records, but they did however, seek out other records from Bless! like '4 Strippers Only' and 'Chic-O-Stick'. With that said, Bless! cut off the record button and put the mic down; even with "Chic-O-Stick' getting into rotation on Canadian mainstream radio.

                 Now fast forward 7years later; Bless! stopped running and start following his calling. Bless! started back writing and reached out to a dear friend and partner Los Vegaz for beats. Bless! was on a mission. After winning full legal joint custody of his two youngest daughters, he set out to do something for Real Fathers that has never been done. Give them their own anthem. 'DAD'!

    To ask him why he'll tell you, "every song that has been written or played in reference to fathers has been we are no good, where have we been or we are rolling stones. I wanted to stop shedding light on the negative and put the spot light on the positive." "Not every child is a fatherless child nor is every father a deadbeat dad."

    A song that has been geared to the uplifting of real fathers and dads who love their children, fighting to be apart of their children's lives and want to do more than just pay child support. 

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