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    Posted June 6, 2014 by

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    should Modi visit US?


    There are many articles that Narendra bhai was invited by Obama and he is planning to make a trip to US in Sept this year.   The articles quote Narendra Bhai statement that he will not put personal against national interests. Is it true that US denial of visa to Modi a personal matter?     We are living in fools paradise if we think so.   It is a calculated and cold long term strategy to see a weak India,  to deny the county a leader who could make the nation strong, and is rooted in racist and colonial mindset.   Human rights is only a tool as is seen the racist USCIRF reports come directly from US embassies as if this morons are great police of human rights around the world.   Wikileaks show how US Government paid several NGOs such as that of Teesta (right from Hillary Clinton cronies).   Their continued lies for nearly a decade is an affront to 50 million people from across all religions who voted Modi as their leader three times,  it is an insult to Indian judicial system and institutions. Those in media who are professing that Modi should visit are mainly the same people until recently put Modi down with every possible lie by working in tandem with US and they are the same people now saying Modi should visit US.   They represent US interest, not India's interests.  These are traitors to Indian nation who use media channels for propaganda, probably with funds (direct and indirect) from western establishments.    Whether to visit US or not is Narendra Modi decision to make taking into consideration of all the matters necessary, but let us not give stupid and false arguments to make a case for it. I think there is a lesson India can learn on how China general responded to statements from US against China,  that 'US suffers from erectile dysfunction and they can be good friends or good enemies depending on how other side respects them'.      So, to those who make many stupid arguments,  get your balls right. Regards, Satya     

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