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    Posted June 7, 2014 by
    new rochelle, New York

    The Top Seven Social Networking Applications


    Social networking has become unstoppable. Most, if not all, people have been fond of many social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Social networking sites are also very popular knowing that these applications are the ones used for the betterment of using those social networking sites. If you want to know what are some of the best social networking applications these days, reading this entire article will be a lot of help .


    What Are the Best Applications?


    There are so many social networking applications that we can find these days. There are hundreds or thousands of applications that are intended for computer or mobile use. Below are the top seven applications these days:


    1.) Tweetbot 3

    The Tweetbot 3 app is one of the most popular third party clients of the well-known social media site Twitter. This application continues to upgrade itself to provide the best look and feel. With the Tweetbot 3, users are capable of receiving native Push notifications and activating Mute filters for the purpose of blocking out certain keywords, users and hashtags.


    2.) Vine

    Vine is a video sharing application that permits the users to create micro movies. Aside from allowing the users to create their own movies, this application also permits the users to share their own video to a feed that is similar to the design of Twitter. This application has been known to be a go-to service for releasing product commercials, teasers and many more.


    3.) Retro

    Retro is known to be the Instagram viewer for iPad. This is counted to be one of the greatest Instagram applications these days. This apps is has a refreshing design for the iOS 7. The app is bright and clean that can definitely lighten your mood. With the help of this app, the user has the capability to download photos, alter the view for your own preference of viewing, access a number of native features of Instagram and access multiple Instagram accounts.


    4.) Hangouts

    Hangouts is one of the coolest features of Google+. This is one of the features that make Google+ as good as Facebook. Hangouts allow the user to have a group video chat with your family and friends. This is considered to be far better than most video chat services available. With this app, sharing of photos, adding animation and GIFs, joining chat videos with up to ten persons are more than just possible. The best thing about this one is that anyone can use it as it is for free.


    5.) Yonder

    Yonder is the perfect social networking application for those people who are into outdoorsy experiences. With this app, finding the perfect location for a certain outdoor activity is very easy. One can upload and share photos and videos of their activity. It is also very easy to filter activities, such as biking, rock climbing, skiing and many more. Just like the Hangouts, Yonder also comes for free.


    6.) Loop

    Loop is a social polling app that helps the user to get an answer on his question. We all know that there will always be a time when we will need to seek the advice of others in order to make the best choice. We no longer have to wait for our family and friends to respond. We can just ask a bunch of strangers who are more than just honest in giving their opinion. This application is also for free.


    7.) Osfoora 2

    Osfoora 2 is another big Twitter third party client that has been recently updated. This application offers much more refreshing backgrounds. It also provides more native Twitter features and supports additional accounts. With this app, bookmarking your favorite tweets is also possible as well as uploading pictures from img.ly, Twitter,  TwitPic, CloudApp and Mobypicture.


    These applications can definitely make your social networking life much better and much easier.  It is also forecasted that more and more of these applications will be launched.PlanDo, a social network application, opens a door of opportunity for like-minded people to share common interests. PlanDo  is an exciting new social media tool that allows people to find others with similar interests to find one another and engage in shared activities they all enjoy. No wonder why many people are undeniably fond of it.

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