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    Posted June 7, 2014 by

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    A Letter to the Rapist/Rapists

    Hello Dear Rapist,

    So intelligent of you, how deftly you intrigued your name in world of media. We laymen try to do something extraordinary to popularize ourselves but you are always on the forefront of media’s favorite.
    Your actions must have been so pleasing to you that relish it, and commits it with such a zeal and enthusiasm. We should learn from you to be passionate about our actions and then can only we make ourselves walk the path of fame. Fame to you is notoriety, but you find ineffable joy in it, how positive of you, you must be having immense wisdom that we can’t tether ourselves with.
    This time I got to learn that you virulently raped a five year old, you traumatized her to the extent that she learned the meaning of hell, how innovative of you. You made such a small child learn the difference between hell and heaven, your ingenuity learns no bound. I wonder why you haven’t been made the education minister of our nation. Your innovative way of teaching will yield minds like you. You teach with such enthusiasm, you no wonder are a prodigy.
    We laymen are to be brought to ignominy, since we only talk that women should be given utmost respect and their safety is our responsibility,­ but your modus operand is beyond our comprehension. You rape women and girl children to make other women realize that their safety is their own call and no one else can ensure it. Last year, in December, you created a predicament when you raped a woman in bus, I still can not contemplate that why you traumatized her to the extent that she died, must be conducive to some noble cause since you are more intelligent than every other human.
    How respect-worthy you are, how gently you would be treating your mother, she must be having gratitude to providence for giving her such a worthy son. You must be a good brother; you must be taking a good care of your sister. You are a Christian soul for whole women-kind.
    A sagacious being like you should be exonerated from all blames. Praying for your well-being, hope you rot in hell and your soul be burned in acid every moment in hell, you will revel such circumstances because to a demon, all this will be to his vantage.

    Your well-wisher
    Anup Verma
    Radio Misty 94.3 FM
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