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    Posted June 8, 2014 by
    District of Columbia

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    The Building Blocks of Autism!

    There are a couple ways that autism occurs. One being in the womb and the other comes after children and the elderly are vaccinated. Both the childhood vaccines and the flu vaccines contain an abundance of formaldehyde and the shock that the body and brain suffers after the vaccines are administered is overwhelming and most people will be out of it for quite some time and that is only if they do not consume any artificial colors flavors, or preservatives.

    The only way to come out of the vaccine induced autism is to adopt a fully organic and natural diet and lifestyle avoiding all foods, beverages drugs/pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and toiletries that contain any of the chemical additives!

    The other form of autism occurs during gestation and this is because expecting mothers do not know that they should not do some things that even doctors do not know about.

    To be totally safe during a pregnancy women should stop eating at any and all restaurants. this is because most, if not all of the restaurants use products that contain artificial additives and ANY exposure to the toxic chemical based additives can harm your unborn child.

    Pregnant women should absolutely avoid all flu shots and any other vaccines. Avoid all mayonnaise, margarine, Mountain Dew 7-UP, Brick Iced Tea, and any soaps and shampoos that contain Calcium Disodium EDTA, or any of the other forms of EDTA (Disodium and Trisodium)

    All hair coloring should be put on hold and any kind of anything that requires using any chemicals of any kind.

    Sadly most women don't know that their favorite hand lotion contains formaldehyde, cyanide and lye (EDTA) and it is absorbed through the skin and it will harm your unborn child!

    In fact during pregnancy I would recommend that you use NO MAKE UP at all. Recently while helping a friend look into her make up I found that many mascaras and other make up products contain EDTA just like the Mayonnaise in every restaurant across America.

    The reality is that no woman who wants a healthy child (which is every single one of them) should be eating, or using anything that contains any artificial additives of any kind.

    You don't understand it because there are foolish people who don't know that fact and the reality that the coloring on your favorite candy (M&M's, Skittles, etc.) is going to help your unborn child develop Autism, or worse. ALL birth defects are caused by the problems caused by the additives.

    There are indications that lead me to believe that Cerebral Palsy which was once considered to be cause by the umbilical cord being wrapped around the throat of the unborn child. But the truth is..... severe intracranial pressure and swelling of the brain stem cause a hypoplasia, or arrested development of the brain and this how things like Cerebral Palsy happens.

    The destruction the body endures at the hands of chemical additives like petroleum based coal tar FD&C dyes, Formaldehyde, cyanide, lye and the other toxic chemicals used in the artificial additives over time develop into Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis and all of the autoimmune disorders that from the list that I found.... match the symptoms of consuming toxic chemicals, to a tee.

    I know very how insane the notion that all of the illnesses and disorders shared by millions and millions of Americans can be one set of things that absolutely every one has in common.

    If you think you're doing enough..... I can assure that you are not!

    And again we are back to the fact that the only way Autism will be stopped is if the formaldehyde is removed from the vaccines and all chemical based additives are banned.

    But my stories don't get any attention from any one. And that means that the masses will not get this information and they wont know that anything is wrong because the media is paid to avoid telling you the truth.

    So who's going to stop this?

    I can't do this alone.

    Autism will continue as long as women are not educated with the right information about how to save themselves and their children from a fate worse than anything you can imagine. Autism is horrible but it can be stopped!

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