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    President’s immigration plan: Your views

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    This was my first ever journey as a grown up from Ethiopia to Kenya,I was 18 and was traveling alone.Early that morning I had boarded a bus,actually not a bus but a truck/lorry which was used to transport cows from the northern part of Kenya to Nairobi and my encounter a few kilometers from Moyale,the boarder town of Kenya and Ethiopia,is a story that will stay with me for a long time.
    WE had barely cruised across the dusty,murram road for two hours when the track stopped all of a sudden in the middle of no where,first I thought it was the normal routine,the turn-boys checking on the truck to see if the truck was okay and to see if the tyres were still in order etc etc and so I begun gazing into the wild to see if there's anything important I would be going back home to write about,The hill looked back at me,strangely,and the trees had its branches blown off,as if to show satisfaction and admission to the laws of the nature,perhaps if it had an option to chose,it would cry to be planted somewhere near mount Kenya,It hopelessly allowed the wind to play with its content.on the truck I had found my self a solace of a kind,because we were sitting on the trunk of the truck,I had to find myself a place where i could have a beautiful view of what goes on around the wild when no one is interfering,looking on my right I saw people running a little bit slow as they hide behind the trees,I was shocked,because I thought it was the Oromo Liberation Forces commonly known as OLF,this is a group of a rebel group that had earlier been making news in Kenya,that it hadbeen helping one community in Moyale and Marsabit whenever they fought against a rival tribe or clan,this rebels were said to be very brutal and left no one,not even a kid or a pregnant mother would be spared when they came in to give a hand to their tribal allies,Its so much operated like the Boko Haram of Nigeria,only that,this was not a religious affiliated group.It never came to my sense that I might one day meet this people.
    Luckily,it was not what I had expected,anyway in the middle of my fear,If only it was the rebel group I would be moved to ask,this people questions,that I think will result to me getting a free Bullet on my head.The people hiding inside the bush had no weapon with them,this people,came straight to the back of the lorry and they boarded the truck from the back side,I did not know whether to be excited or scared that we have new passengers on board,Passengers whose picking point is somewhere in the deep dry forest,where human existence was a rare thing.On board the truck,this new travelers whom I assumed we will be traveling all the way to Nairobi together,begun looking for places they could feel comfortable,my eyes were glued to the actions of my new fellow passengers,one of them was stepping on the back of the cows that were resting,chewing cuds after a long,night they had being moved from one place to another,I imagined,if only the cows would talk,I cant believe how they would be cursing this guys,that one found himself a nice spot at the back where he chose to sit next a cow,I watched from above,without speaking to anyone,when I looked around,no one else seemed to be interested not even this South African guy,who was sent back to Nairobi by the Ethiopian Immigration Department because he had no Visa,I wondered but still could not loose my interest,just because others were not interested,the other two guys found themselves a place on top of the trunk,one sat behind me and the other sunk himself inside the carrier,which I thought was risky but this men showed a sign of relief once the truck begun moving.For myself,I wanted to get back home,relax and later if need be,ask the driver because I had his phone number what had been happening.The journey to Nairobi went on,I thought it would be one to remember but what happened later,just because we had illegal immigrants aboard a truck,taught me a lesson no Kenyan school,would dare teach,...this piece continues

    (PICTURE BY annyples)

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