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    Why You're Not Making Friends At College


    You Need To Make Friends


    It's called “making friends” for a reason; you need to actually go out and make them. That means initiating conversations with classmates, school events, the campus library or sporting events. The concept can be scary to some since many of us may have conditioned since childhood to never talk to strangers. Well, chances you aren't a child anymore and adults need to “make” friends unless they enjoy not having any.


    Have An Opinion


    It doesn't really matter what your opinion as long as you aren't afraid to voice it be yourself. Often people become inhibited when meeting others and afraid to express their true feelings for fear of rejection or being disliked. The most likeable and popular people are generally not afraid to speak their mind no matter what others think.


    Emulate People With Good Social Skills


    Sometimes it can be helpful to mimic (not literally copy) or pick up traits of people who have good social skills. The saying goes “fake it till you make it so fake the confidence until you have it.




    Most schools have clubs and organizations that you participate in. Not only is this a good way to make friends since you'll already have something in common but it also looks good on your resume. Most universities will have a math club, Spanish club, debate club etc.


    Online Students


    Making friends can be especially hard for students obtaining online degrees (
    http://www.trident.edu/phd/business-administration )since classes are conducted online and you aren't interacting with other students face to face. In this case you may want to join local groups and organizations like a sports league for example; this would be a good way to participate in sport, get in some exercise and meet new people. Another good way to make friends is to do volunteer work in your area.


    Resources : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Win_Friends_and_Influence_People

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