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    Posted June 10, 2014 by
    Jalalabad, Afghanistan


    Date 1989 the year when Russian forces deployed Afghanistan, infighting took plave allover Afghanistan, and this was just the beginning of facing problems for Afghan people living in their home country.

    In time infighting approached toward an end, Afghan soil came under insurgents (Taliban) control.

    However, after five years the government (EMARAT) was destroyed by U.S. forces in 2001, the U.S. and the international community faced many challenges, but they reached their goals for enduring freedom and to reconstruct many areas of Afghanistan.

    After some years passed the U.S. president Barack Obama announced a new strategy for Afghanistan annotated that U.S. troop will withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014.

    Fear increased between Afghan people by knowing that U.S. troops to began departure, the situation will get worse than it was, because the Afghan military forces are not as capable for taking responsibilities as foreign military forces.
    Plus, they can't fight with the Taliban and other warring factions.
    If the election is transparent and clean people think that, there Afghanistan.
    Afghan politicians are saying foreign forces don’t want to strength the Afghan military, which needs modern weapons and technology to fight against future enemies. They say that considering that after 11 years, foreign forces could not strengthen the Afghan military, how can they do it in one year?
    All this leads Afghans to worry that after 2014, they may again face a civil war. Thus, many have anxieties about security and the economic and political situation in Afghanistan's future.
    "After 2014 will be good situation in Afghanistan if the election is finished quickly and the military is secure," said Afghan resident Elias Ulfat, who noted that otherwise a civil war may return to Afghanistan.
    Afghan President Hamid Karzi rejected any kind of anxiety about a bad situation in Afghanistan after 2014 when he spoke November 27, 2012.
    "Now we are making progress and don’t think negatively about Afghanistan's future," said Karzi.
    Yet last year, the International Bank announced that after 2014, Afghanistan may fall into an economic crisis, which will bring large changes to Afghanistan's economics, security and political situation. This is another anxiety for the people of Afghanistan.
    Last year the Secretary General of NATO said "now we are busy, but if the Afghan government needs, we will be there after 2014."
    Until now, no one speaks about peace in Afghanistan, which is basic problem in the region, as every Afghan resident longs for an end to violence and war.
    Before the end of 2014, we need two things. First of all, the Afghan government and Taliban should be compelled to end the war in Afghanistan. Next, the Afghan military should be strengthened with modern weapons and technology.
    If these two critical needs are not addressed, a civil war is likely and will bring many more problems in the region.

    Ishaq Sadat
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