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    3 Ways to Make Your Business Book Stand out

    3 Ways to Make Your Business Book Stand Out

    If you are writing a business book (and I strongly suggest that you do!) there are a few things you can do to make sure your book stands out from all the rest. Of course, starting with a well planned outline is crucial; otherwise you won’t have a plan and won’t know where you’re going.

    Likewise, knowing what you want your book to be able to do for you is important as well. Your book doesn't have to be a best seller in order for it to be a success. There are many ways you can use your book as a marketing tool, but that’s another topic for another story.

    People always think that they can’t write a book on a particular topic if one (or hundreds) has already been written. Remember: “There is only one YOU. You are unique and your book will be unique too.” Over the years I have developed some tricks to help make your book unique.

    In this article, I will explain the 3 most important things you need to include in your business book to make it stand out.

    1. Make sure that you include the process that you use when working with your clients. You want to be able to show your readers that your process helps your clients get results.

    For example if you are a realtor, you can explain exactly what steps you take to sell a person’s house. If you are a life coach or a business coach, describe the process or system you've developed to change your client’s life or business.

    It can be a list of 5 steps or 10 steps, or you can name it something unique. Call it your process and people will start to believe in it.

    2. Describe the transformation that happens as a result of working with you.

    For example, the realtor would not just say “I sell houses.” She could describe what happens to her clients when she sells their house. Perhaps they experience a deep sense of gratitude for the way she takes care of all the little things, or they are able to sleep better knowing that all the T’s are crossed an the I’s are dotted.

    A life coach or business coach would be able to write about the transformation that her clients have a result of working with her. Perhaps her client’s marriage improved or her business revenue doubled.

    If you don’t know what the transformation is that your clients experience, ask them. You can simply ask, “What did you experience when working with me?”

    3. Lastly, be sure to use stories instead of boring old testimonials. Which do you think sounds better?

    “Suzanne helped me write a book and I am very grateful for her help.”
    -Nancy Bookwriter


    I’ll never forget the first time I met Nancy Bookwriter. She was really unsure of herself and didn't have a clue where to start. Actually she joined my book writing program, not even knowing if she would ever write a book! Slowly but surely, we worked on her purpose, developed a plan and she wrote a solid outline. The most amazing thing of all was that the work she put into her book spilled over into her business, and even before she finished writing her book, her business had doubled!

    Which is better, the testimonial or the story? Of course, the story but remember it has to be true! And if possible, include your client’s picture.

    These three tips alone will help you write a better business book that will really stand out from the rest. Start with an outline, and then weave these points into the book as you are writing. This will result in a better book that you will be proud of.

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