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    Posted June 11, 2014 by
    Danbury, Connecticut
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    Living with a chronic illness

    Living with Thryroid Disease

    I'm a 52 year old mother of 3 boys-30-23-16. My problems started in 2006...my throat felt funny I was a smoker at the time and ofcourse I got concerned. I make an appointment to see a ENT doctor, he fills my neck and says: Your Thryroid is enlarged you need to do an ultra sound and a biopsy. The ultra sounds shows a very large growth 5cm to be exact! The biopsy took 2 weeks, the longest 2 weeks of my life...NOT cancer Thank God. The doctor recommends surgery anyway because of the size. I find out the Mount Sinai Hospital does this type of surgery like every second of the day and that's where I decide to have mine. At this point and after seeing a few doctors, I still had no idea what I was getting myself into, I figured that I would have the surgery, the growth would be removed and that would be the end. NONE of the doctors gave me any information at all, I had no idea what the function of the thyroid was and that it affects many parts of your body. Once I had the surgery the pounds started pilling on, I could see myself gaining weight day to day at that point I was in my 40's I figured must be going though menopause. I go on a diet, hire a personal trainer...at the end of the week I would weight myself and the result? gained 5lbs I could not believe it, it was at that point that I knew something wasn't right, besides the weight gain, I felt extremely tired, muscle aches, forgetful, depression and lot more.. I wasn't the same person! I started researching the Internet , I found a site by Mary Shomon and it saved me. I finally knew what was going on I could not believe that any of the doctors told me that these symptoms were related to my thyroid not working properly, that this might happen once I had the surgery! I go back to my ENT and he starts me on levothyroxine 200mgs and he tells me that I have to take it for the rest of my life, a month later and I was feeling worse, so tired I could barely move, terrible muscle aches and still the weight kept going up. He tells we have to change the dosage until we find the right one. This dosage change kept happening for MONTHS, months turned to years...Today I just go to my regular doctor every 6 months for blood tests, rarely is the time that I go in and the dosage is not changed either up or down. I'm taking 7000mgs of vitamin D everyday and I give myself a shot of Vitamin B12 every 3 weeks. Because the body has a hard time absorbing these vitamins if the thryroid is not working properly. I'm sure as I get older other things will come up! I eat extremely healthy, no animal fats..I don't remember the last time I ate red meat, I eat many fruits and vegetables, chicken and turkey, still my cholesterol is going up. The last time I was at the doctors I asked him if the thryroid is not working well does it affect the cholesterol number, to which he said yes. The weight...well I'm 5'5 176 lbs and no matter what I do I can not get down. I bought tons of books on the subject, hours and hours of researching the internet and finally I have an idea what is going on but it still can not believe the lack of information the doctors give you and the lack of resources there are related to this disease. The doctors don't really understand how to manage it, they simply go by a number on a sheet of paper This is a disease I have to live with for life. Extremely hard for the family around you to understand because I don't look sick. We need more research!!!!
    I'm definitely a thryroidchange.org supporter!
    Anabela Silva
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