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    Posted June 11, 2014 by

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    Zombie Apocalypse

    My zombie apocalypse manuscript.

    Rules and guidelines to live by during the end of times. To kill a zombie you must cause massive trauma to the brain. Cutting the head off only makes them ankle biters. If bitten by a zombie and you live to get away. You will become a zombie within 3mins to 8hrs. Depends on how saver the bite or scratch is. And how much of the virus was transferred.

    There are two types of zombies. Smart and strong. Smart zombies survive the initial bite or scratch. And later turn. But because they didn’t fully die. They retain more brain function then strong zombies. Alloys them to open doors figure out problems and get around obstacles. Strong zombies are the poor bastards that didn’t get away. And were fed upon until death. Killing most brain cells. (Basic instincts walk and feed.) But because they were exposed to long quantities of infection/virus. This gave them super human strength. Evolved zombies are the older ones. Closer to the original strain. First bitten or infected. These tend to be super smart and strong. And are able to organize lower ranking zombies. The virus keeps changing. We don’t know how or why. But the zombies are getting more abilities. They don’t speak. But we have gathered that they are communicating.

    Zombies to watch out for.

    When encountering zombies. Its good to be able to tell them apart. Are they all mangled. Most likely a strong zombie. But what if they are hungry. Zombies tend to move slower or walk when they are full or have eating recently. Zombies that are hungry and need to feed. Will most likely chase you. Be warned. You don’t want a strong hungry zombie after you. If you want to survive. You must be a team player. Small groups are best. 3/5 to many and you draw attention. Not enough people. No one to watch your back. You got to have your priorities in order. Safety and security. Food and survival. Zombies tend to travel in hordes or herds. Most likely you will be out numbered. But if your lucky you will get stragglers. 1to3 zombies. Take them out quietly. When surrounded. Its best to keep your wits about you. If you get a chance to get laid. Take it. You might be dead tomorrow. Use contraceptives. Pregnant women are walking zombie bait. Once a person turns. They are no longer a person. And must be delt with. Don’t let human emotion get in the way. That zombie is no longer your friend or relative. One shot one kill!
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