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    Posted June 11, 2014 by
    London, United Kingdom
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    Ukraine unrest

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    Why Every European Should Worry About Russia's Expansionism


    One of the main arguments against having a united European & American policy sanctioning Russia's expansionism in the last six years is founded on the concern that sanctioning Russia is bad for business.


    Leaving aside the fact that Russian tanks roaming in Eastern Europe are also bad for business, I suggest we talk about money and replace the concept of tanks with that of money in the new paradigm of "Russian money are roaming freely in Europe".


    Is this a good sign? Is this good for the economy? Are these money creating jobs?


    I believe not.


    And here's my simple argument for it, presented in three easy-to-follow steps:


    1. For almost four centuries now, Russia - in all its past forms - bled money from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia. For the purpose of my argument, I'll just refer to Eastern Europe, my home.
    2. These money went to Moscow, whey they got defrauded and split among politicians and mobster "businessmen".
    3. These defrauders, then, went to UK, France, Spain and other countries, where they bought properties, goods and services, because having money and not using them is useless, so they invested into assets that can create some form of returns, like buying properties and letting them for ever increasing amounts of money.


    Now, normally, foreigners buying properties would not be a bad thing except that, in this case, ordinary citizens compete with these "businessmen" for housing, properties, goods and services and - this is the demonic truth - regular citizens making an honest wage cannot compete with these mobsters, leading to a situation where making an honest living does no longer suffice for a decent living.


    One wise man said that "the children of our bosses will be the bosses of our children" and this indeed applies to societies where plutocracy reigns, such as Russia and parts of Eastern Europe. In our context, we must acknowledge that "the children of our landlords will be the landlords of our children", the extended perversion of this all is that honest, working people pay rent to mobsters or their children so, to reduce this to a simple idea, we may say that regular folk pays tribute - in the form of rent - to corrupt entities.


    And, frankly, I do not see the governments in London or Paris do anything about persistent wealth - because property is a form of persistent wealth - being seized by Russian mafia and their Moscow-tied mobsters.


    Furthermore, given how money gets distributed in Moscow, one may safely assume that Russia is a lawless land and, as such, is not willing to abide to the international laws of the land, for peace, transparency and fighting corruption, imposing on any country with solid Russian "investments" the necessity to create such mechanisms that prevent mafia-sponsored property grabbing, as it affects the lives of regular people, those who suffer the most because they, instead of paying rent, could have paid loans and then keep the property to themselves and their families, which is - increasingly - no longer the case.


    This is the reason why most central London is owned by foreigners. This is why Côte d'Azur (The French Riviera) is mostly owned by foreigners. And there are many more examples, just like these!


    Now, obviously, there is a reason why civilized governments fight corruption and corrupt structures, because dirty money creates corruption and more corruption creates more dirty money, eventually leading to a situation where authorities tolerate such corruption. And, indeed, this is the case in London and Paris where grey money from Russia are tolerated and treated as clean, allowing for grey structures to expand and accumulate wealth, contrary to the interests of honest, hard-working people that only seem to accumulate debt or non-persistent forms of property, such as gadgets and household items.


    So, this is the main reason why each European should worry about Russia's expansionism, because this is - in fact - the expansion of Moscow-controlled mafia, and you can't compete with Russian mafia for housing and other needs because, let's put it bluntly, they have more money and more methods, not always legal, which brings us to Ukraine.


    Ukrainian people got sick and tired of paying a tribute to Russian mafia that controlled most of the Ukrainian government, defrauding the country of hard-earned money so Russian and Ukrainian mafia could buy properties in the West.


    As the Moscow-backed mafia continues to expand throughout Europe and parts of USA, exporting their ways and methods, it is only a matter of time until people with displaced properties - aka, whose properties were seized by dirty money - will eventually get sick and tired of paying a tribute to mobsters for using properties and services they could have, otherwise, afforded.


    This is why I think the Ukrainian revolution is important, because - as I see it - it precedes the turmoil that will, eventually, hit parts of Europe and USA and this is exactly the reason why we need to help Ukraine in its current struggle, because we need to understand how Moscow-backed mafia works and what can we do to fight it.


    Ultimately, saving Ukraine from such abuse will lead us to saving ourselves.

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