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    Guns and children

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    Protect your children by being a parent & community member


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     "I strongly believe from my experiences and from researching the children who have committed gun violence, that the parents were not involved enough in their own child's life," explained Greg Wood, a father and gun owner from Cypress, Texas.

    He believes that the lack of parental involvement coupled with a child's inability to successfully navigate social situations can be a recipe for disaster. For him, community plays a major role in the development and education of children not only in relation to guns but the world as a whole.

    Wood said, "The more children are put into social situations to make friends, to learn and grow with others, are taught how to handle social issues and are not relying on the internet and games to deal with their emotions are less likely to commit these sort of actions."
    - taliaday, CNN iReport producer

    We have stricter gun laws today than 30 years ago, yet every year we have more school shootings. Rather than looking at gun laws and other band aid fixes. I want to really dive deep into what has changed in our world today.


    Alot of people talk about gun saftey, I compeltly agree with both education and locking up your guns. However I want to focus on the social aspect and what causes a child to turn out this way.

    One thing that has changed is the lack of parent involvement in both their child’s upbringing. This is caused by a number of things: 2 parents working 40 hours a week during the day limits the time they spend with their children thus instill good values and hoping that child care programs can emulate that for you. A detachment from their community, many people don’t even know their neighbors names let alone the teachers and other parents in the child’s class. Most parents are satisfied with a report card and a computer/TV to keep their child busy. This lack of involvement, in not just their own child’s life but the community in which they live in, all of their children. And this creates children who are detached from the world around them, and more attached to the internet and virtual things to make them happy. This leads to the next thing in our culture, detachment.

    How often to you see people around you on the phone, family, friends, co-workers, even strangers at Starbucks or on the street? Its crazy how obsessed we are with the phone. We are no longer paying attention to the people around us. Our kids pick that up and copy the behavior thus becoming detached. Detached children are hurt and lonely and can depend on the internet for relationships and information to teach them right and wrong. Most of the school shooters you can tell have very similar issues they are detached from the world and thus have no remorse going around and killing life and their own. They never knew any better. The last part is the access to guns. All gun owners with kids or not should have their firearms locked in a safe attached to a wall without letting their children know the combo. Keep the ammo locked up and separated. If a shooter can’t get a gun, he can’t shoot people.

    To summarize our society is becoming more and more detached. I am guilty of it as well. But I work hard to get to know the people around me, who my children play with and their parents. I try to know the school administration and all his coaches. I want to not only help my children grow up attached to the live world around them, but I want to help other children too. This is the best way to protect your children.

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