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    Posted June 11, 2014 by
    Grottoes, Virginia
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    Guns and children

    'Smart storage of ammunition and firearms is essential'


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Robert Adams said, "If children are taught with a hands on approach then the firearm and what it can do becomes real. With a lot of people playing video games like Call of Duty, etc. ... firearms are not a 'real' thing. If a child is taught the basics and handle and fire a firearm then it becomes real and they learn it is an object that is to be respected."

    Adams is a father and gun owner from Grottoes, Virginia, who believes that early exposure to gun safety and the smart storage of ammunition and firearms is essential. He feels that accidents can occur for several reasons, but all can be avoided if firearms are kept locked up and inaccessible to children.
    - taliaday, CNN iReport producer

    I have firearms in my house just like my dad did when I was growing up. Just like my dad they are locked up so that way no one can get to them. I have a 2 year old daughter who I plan on teaching to shoot from about the age of 6 or 7, just like I was. Before I was allowed to even touch one of my dad's guns I was taught all of the general safety rules (don't load it until you're ready, keep the barrel pointed down range, treat every weapon as if it's loaded, etc...). These are the same rules that I'm going to teach my child. I hold a concealed carry permit and I do in fact carry about 99% of the time. My child knows that when I have it on my side that she is to hold my left hand so that she is on the other side of my body from it, because it's a safety thing. I do not keep my weapons and ammunition together but I can get to them quickly in an emergency. But my child is going to be raised around firearms so that she is not scared of them but she is going to be taught to respect them and what they can do. And I also am teaching my daughter that violence is not the answer. Yes I carry a firearm daily, but I hope to God that I never, ever have to put my hand on it. I teach my child that the bigger person walks away from a fight, and for me if someone attacks me I will do anything I need to including running from the situation before having to resort deadly force. As a veteran I know that I have to constantly "train" with my weapons so that in the event that I have to use them I can effectively. In addition I make sure that I "train" with my firearms so that when I go hunting I know that I can shoot an animal and kill it without the animal suffering.

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