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    Posted June 11, 2014 by
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Baby Deer House Invasion


    My kids are forever leaving the front door wide open, and this somewhat annoying habit created a very unusual situation for us yesterday afternoon! My 11-year old son discovered a tiny deer fawn taking a snooze underneath a shrub next to our front door. He grabbed his ipad from inside the house to film and slipping out the front door and leaving it ajar behind him, he came up quietly behind the deer. The deer was startled and ran up to the front steps, had a good look and then ran ...Straight into the house!


    My son the filmmaker followed it into the house, and despite his shock at what was unfolding, he videotaped the whole thing! The resulting footage shows utter chaos! The deer, as my son noted, was like "Bambi on ice"... It could not stand up on the hard wood and tile and was scrabbling around frantically, making a loud bleating sound. My husband, who has a home office downstairs, was on a conference call, and left his customers on hold after my son yelled out " dad..there's a freaking DEER in the house!"


    He bolted upstairs, thinking from the noises that it was a large buck causing massive destruction! He calmed down when he saw it was the tiny fawn we had already spotted a few days earlier in our yard. He was instantly very concerned that the deer would be injured. He managed to get a hold of the fawn, which had taken refuge under a desk in the living room, and lifted him up.


    The fawn was very light and very soft..just adorable. He carried him over to the door and the kids had a quick pet before he gently put him down on the lawn. Like a fish put back in the water, the fawn bolted into the forest behind our house, hopefully to be reunited with his mama. My son was super excited as he knew he had just captured a great video of a very unique experience!!

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