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    How to Treat IBS

    CNN article

    Do you suffer with <a href="www.easywaytochange.co.ukIBS">IBS</a>? You're not alone. It's thought that over 1/10 people have been diagnosed with IBS and that's just the ones who have actually been diagnosed! It's likely that given the sensitive nature of IBS, many more suffer too.

    IBS can comprise of pain, bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, gas or a mixture of all of these at different times. It's diagnosed by ruling out other digestive or health issues.

    Now, the gut is a bit of a mystery to many. With that giant surface area and a great number of bacteria in there than there are cells in your body, it's no small wonder that things can get unbalanced in there.

    What we do know is that lifestyle issues like stress and emotional problems as well as diet have a part to play. In the UK, NICE (The National Council for Health and Clinical Excellence) recommend hypnotherapy as an effective way to <a href="www.easywaytochange.co.ukIBS">treat IBS</a>

    How can hypnotherapy help?

    - Helping you to <a href="www.easywaytochange.co.uk">manage stress</a> and emotional issues and anxiety which may be contributing

    - Boosting motivation to stick to a prescribed eating plan

    - Helping you to calm and smooth the function of the gut

    - Helping you to feel more in control of your condition.

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