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    Posted June 11, 2014 by
    wichita, Kansas
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    Guns and children

    My Family and Guns

    I have a very diverse family as we are lesbian mothers with bi-racial children ages 4 to 14. We have sit down talks multiple times through out the week where we can talk about anything from school to feelings.
    lately the older two children have been having more concerns with their safety at school because of the situations that have been going on in or around their schools. The middle school has had several notes sent home advising parents of threats made towards the school that have been handled and how they handled them. There was a stand off close to the school which made the elementary school transfer all their students to another elementary school just in case the situation at the home got out of hand as it was close to the elementary. (Not sure why they would physically move everyone in a school outside if they are that close to a police standoff.) The children are sensing the fear during the lock downs that have been accuring and it is disturbing as a parent sending your child anywhere they may fear.
    We don't often talk about guns but I'm a gun owner that I have in a fire/gun safe in my home. My children are not allowed to play with guns or any violent video games. Gun safety has not been taught to my children as I don't feel they are at the age that they should be concerned how to handle a firearm. They know they are not allowed to ever touch a gun and if they come across one they should tell an adult immediatley.
    With all the recent shootings in schools or in public areas I have for the first time in my life thought about home schooling my children. In the past I was against home schooling because I believe children learn a lot of life skills interacting with their peers while in school. I felt the school districts were very strict with a good curriculum for my children. At this point I feel it is starting to become more of a danger sending my child to school because the shootings are not just in the big cities anymore, they are happening in small towns.
    I don't believe people should not be allowed to have guns and it is our right as an American citizen to have a gun. I do feel there could be more precautions at schools and public areas in order to keep our people safe. Put in metal detectors in the schools so children would not be able to enter the school with an AR-15. Yes, it would cost more but how can you put a cost on your childs life? If doing this takes more resources then find the resources needed to keep our children safe. Technically it's the gun or knife that is killing people but it's the insane people that are using the tool. You can't blame the tool for killing someone, only the person behind it.
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