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    Posted June 11, 2014 by
    Deer Park, Washington
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    Guns and children

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    Mentally Ill Segwayed Into Criminals


    Yeah Stephanie Cutter just segwayed Mentally Ill into Criminals.


    Let me say this. It was not appreciated on Crossfire at all. I have a mental illness or better yet let me say I have PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety. I own a 12 Semi Automatic Shotgun. Let me make this utterly clear: Never ever ever would I threaten, harrass or hurt anyone with my Shotgun. I would never kill children and I would never kill adults. I am completely harmless unless someone hurts my 3 year old daughter.


    But no many are trying to paint those with things like Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, and any other disorder of the mind. So say you own guns and go to your doctor and he diagnosis you with anxiety there goes your right for the rest of your life to own a gun. And forbid if your hunter who provides meat for his family.


    So what is the answer? Fathers, Mothers, Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Aunts, and Uncles. Yes we should immediately start our children in gun safety classes either privately or at public schools. When the guns are brought onto the premises for the classes? The classes should be supervised by local authorities and a range should be built on school grounds. Boothes should be built so only children are allowed to be in there with one teacher or a teachers assistant with local authorities standing outside the booths. When the class is over the guns should be transported back to the local stations. This will allow children every year get to know their local authorities. They stand as a inspiration and good hearted people who protect us.


    People may freak out and say a gun at our school? Why yes for class period they would be transported in a large tamperproof case and local authorities would be escorting it. By the time they reach High School level they will have learned respect for the firearm and would learn respect for local authorities. It would also put a local authority on every school ground.


    There are alot more specifics that should be handled and it would be completely safe. It should be called a survival class as it would also deal with camping, hunting, fishing, and any other thing that would be helpful for children to survive. We could use parents and grandparents to help instruct the class as well with possible outtings. This class would be engaging and fun for the children and teens.


    Then parents at home should be talking about it as well. Just because you have say mental health laws? Gun clip laws? Sure it may help but will not demand the respect out of the children and teens that an actual class would.


    But you can place blame where you think it belongs? It won't work. That is because we need common sense laws and a Survival Class Law would work and demand the respect firearms need. I have seen teens handling guns online and they werent mentally ill but they almost blew their heads off. This needs to stop with a common sense approach and yes it may cost taxes but it needs to happen for school shootings to stop.


    And Stephanie Cutter? Mentally ill people are not Criminals and we should not be treated like sex offenders who have to show where they live or have to register so that we cant be sold a gun. We are not bad people but we do have a diagnosis that gives us enough problems we dont need laws thrown against us that is not right we are free people born free. What is next? After this are we going to outlaw a guy who has one arm so he cant drive?


    We are just as free people as a guy with one arm. Some of us manage our diagnosis in different ways and the reason I bought my shotgun? Was because a guy was stalking my wife and baby when I went into a restroom when we were on vacation. The next day a teen ended up dead in the same area of Montana. Yeah I have to protect my family not only that they have to protect themselves.

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