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    South Africa
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    Police Kill Woman then file attempted murder charges against her


    Last September Lee Anne Douglas was killed by police while attempting to drive to police station because she was afraid to pull over for an unmarked police car.
    Mom They Are Shooting At Me.Those were the last words Leoni Luckin heard from her daughter Lee Anne Douglas moments before the 45 year old restaurateur’s Chevy Spark flipped ejecting the woman from the vehicle, ultimately killing her. The crime happened in September of 2013 and after a flurry of news reports this case has seemingly gone cold. A docket of murder was filed however there are rumors that the docket has gone missing which seems to be a recurring theme in the criminal justice system of South Africa.I told her not to stop, I told her to drive to the nearest police station.That was the advice that Lee Annes mother gave her daughter after Lee Anne called her in a panic saying that an unmarked police vehicle were trying to pull her over. Initially being pursued by an unmarked VW Golf for over 60 kilometers before two marked SAPs police cruisers joined in the chase, moments later right before eMkhomazi exit ramp police opened fire on Douglas’s vehicle. One of the bullets reportedly hit the rear drivers side tire causing the vehicle to careen across the median before flipping multiple times and ejecting Mrs Douglas onto the roadway before coming to rest on the carriage way in the South bound lanes. According to Provincial police spokesperson Jay Naicker Port Shepstone police received a request for backup from Umkomaas police who were attempting to pull a car over after allegedly seeing it driving in an erratic fashion. The Port Shepstone police officer who responded to the call whom wished to remain anonymous out of safety concerns said that as Lee Anne lay dying on the road she begged officers for help and that at one point she actually reached out and grabbed the boot of one of the officers who were standing over her. Paramedics arrived on the scene over 30 minutes after Mrs Douglas died. The car was taken from the scene by a towing company owned by one of the officers involved . The operator of the tow truck David Mackenzie heard the chase on his two way radio.“I was listening to how they were in pursuit of the vehicle and I heard Naidoo’s voice come over the air saying he was joining the chase. Officers broadcast that the road had been closed up ahead and all of a sudden they came over saying the car had crashed. No one said a word about the shooting,” he said.“Something seemed strange about the crash and when they said that the woman had died I raised the alarm. When I couldn’t reach the Umkomaas station commissioner, I phoned detectives at Port Shepstone and made sure they went to the scene which ended up being a massive cover-up,” Mackenzie added.“The Umkomaas station commissioner only went to the scene a day later on my insistence,” he said.“These men have tampered with evidence and deliberately tried to cover this up; that is defeating the ends of justice,” he said. Lee Annes mother Leonie Lukin “She called me saying a female police officer was trying to drag her out of her car. I could hear her telling the policewoman to leave her alone. I told Leanne to not get out of the car and continue driving to the nearest police station. When I called her back two minutes later to find out what happened she was frantic, saying the police were still chasing her.“She said, ‘Mom they want to kill me. They are shooting at me. I am coming to you.’ I heard a shot and heard her scream, then I heard nothing,” she said. “I couldn’t do anything to help her; I didn’t know what was happening.”At the scene of the crash the officers involved only reported the crash and omitted the fact that they had riddled Mrs Douglas’s vehicle with bullets. An officer who arrived at the scene after the chase had come to a stop said that the victim was not deceased when he arrived on scene and that none of the officers present were rendering aid to the driver but that they were “milling around”When the vehicle was towed away, the station commander noticed bullet holes in the vehicle and he called the suspects and tried to get clarity – they could not give a reasonable explanation for the shooting. A police source said: “The road had been closed and this was conveyed to those vehicles chasing the woman. There was no reason to shoot at the vehicle to disable the car – five minutes longer and the chase would have come to an end.“They would have seen it was a woman who posed no threat to them. Pulling out firearms and using force is not something these guys will be able to justify.”“The gunshots were heard by other members who had closed the road ahead,” the source said. “When they got to the scene Naidoo said she had tried to do a U-turn and crashed.”But this story unravelled when police colleagues asked questions. “They didn’t say anything about the shooting and tried to pass it off as an accident,” the source alleged.“Naidoo’s brother owns a tow-truck company and was one of the first at the scene and they completely destroyed evidence by towing the car about 50m up the road. No pictures or scene reconstruction had been done.” The victims vehicle was dragged on flat tires to the police station.The trouble started when Lee Anne bumped into a neighbors motor scooter. The neighbor called police and opened up a case in the incident. Lee Anne was charged with malicious damage to property a charge that was thrown out of court. Later the police woman involved with the scooter incident arrived at Lee Annes home and arrested her without a warrant and without charge, Lee Anne was heldd in jail for three days without being charged with a crime. Lee Anne later reported the incident and was laying charges of extortion and false arrest on the officers involved.
    Her devastated mother, Leonie Lukin, is convinced her daughter was murdered. “The police murdered my daughter. Whether she died from the bullets being shot at the car, or that the speed caused her to crash, they are responsible for her murder and don’t deserve to be police officers,” she said..“Leanne was unlawfully arrested for malicious damage to property and resisting arrest. Things did get physical and she may have hurled insults at them. My Leanne was no quiet mouse and would stand up for herself. She hit a scooter that was parked in her garage and thought she had just bumped it and not caused much damage. The malicious damage matter was later thrown out of court.
    .”The Independent Police Investigative Directorate was brought in to investigate and a charge of murder and defeating the ends of justice were brought to docket. However to this date no charges have been filed. “When the vehicle was towed away, the station commander noticed bullet holes in the vehicle and he called the suspects and tried to get clarity – they could not give a reasonable explanation for the shooting,” Dlamini said.


    I had to cut out quite a bit of this article in order to make it fit under 8,000 characters. You can see the article in it entirety at http://thenewsouthafricasgenocide.org/police-murder-woman-then-file-attempted-murder-charges-against-her/

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