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    Posted June 12, 2014 by
    newrochelle, New York

    Using Your Gadgets to Manage and Get Rid of Debts


    Managing your money effectively takes time and effort, and if you have some gadgets, why not put them to good use in helping you manage your debts and other finances? There are numerous different apps , websites and software packages which you can use in order to sort out your finances and make life much easier. Whether you’re the proud owner of an iPhone, an Android phone, a Mac or an ordinary PC, here are some ways in which you can use your electronic devices to help with money matters.


    1. Download apps
    If you have any type of smart phone, there are a lot of apps available for you to download. Whether you’re just looking to make a small budget at first or you want to manage all your household and personal finances, you’re sure to find an app that’s perfect for you. Debt Free is a great app for those who want to get rid of their debt, and with a lot of the debt management apps, you can choose from a list of options which way you would like to manage your debts. This works for almost everyone, since if you need some ideas, the app will present them to you in a very good and organised way. If you know what you want to do and just need a helping hand, you can take control of most of your money management but use the app as a great tool to help you along. A good way to look for a helping hand  is to look at  top 10 reviews of the different companies and see what current users have to say about them.

    Other apps which can help you to manage your money and stay out of debt are apps for your bank. You can sign up for mobile banking and easily access the information of your accounts whenever you need to. With a password, you can log in and see how much money is in your account, all your recent bank statements and you can even transfer money from one account to another.


    2. Research ideas and information about debt management
    The internet is a brilliant resource, no matter what you’re looking for. If you need some helpful advice, some support or a few phone numbers to ring, you can usually find exactly what you’re looking for online. When most people are in debt, they will do a quick Google search to find out some ways to help them. The more you read about debt and how to manage it, the better you’ll be able to do it. Even if you’re not in debt and you just want to manage your money better, you can find out many useful tips for budgeting and saving, how to get mortgages and how to get the best credit card deals so that you can get into smaller amounts of debt and pay the money back easily. Here are a few ways in which you can use the internet to help with all your financial troubles, problems and queries.
    • Find out about debt companies and ways you can consolidate your debt
    • Research the phone numbers and contact details of debt agencies and helplines which can help you to find ways to get rid of debt
    • Discover tried and tested ways which people have used to get rid of debt and manage their money better
    • Read stories of people who have been in debt, got out of debt and are still living debt free (This is great if you feel like you need some support and motivation.).
    • Find online chat sites and forums where you can ask questions, discuss money and share stories with an online community
    • Download software which can help you to manage your finances, whether you’re looking for something personal or something for a small or large business


    3. Look at software packages
    If you’re looking for something with more features than an app and something to use on your computer, a software package is the ideal option. Some are more complex than others, and they can also be more expensive to reflect the features offered in each package. Software packages such as YNAB were reported as very easy to use by those who recently purchased the package, and you will be able to access features such as cash flow reports, graphs to display your spending and earnings and net worth and balance reports. You can even sync it to your iPhone, so you can input and view things while out and about. Simple Home is a great option for those looking for a nice plan to use with some helpful tips and advice. It was rated extremely high for security features, so if you’re a bit wary about using a software package for all your financial information, it’s worth looking into the different deals in order to get something with very high security. This is also a good option if you don’t want other people in the house to get into your software, since you can password protect it and choose from other secure options.


    4. Use a tablet
    If your phone is too small but your computer isn’t portable, consider getting a tablet to help you manage your finances. There are some brilliant tablets out there at the moment, and the iPad series are incredibly popular, especially if you’re a lover of Apple gadgets. You can download apps and software onto your tablet, and they’re portable, which means you can take them around with you. They’re great if you need to take it to an appointment at the bank, an appointment with your financial advisor or even if you’re making a trip out somewhere and you want to quickly input everything that you’re spending. Most tablets can fit snugly into a case and then into your handbag or briefcase, so taking it with you isn’t a problem at all.


    5. Sell some gadgets!
    You probably didn’t expect to see this one on the list, but if you need some quick cash to get rid of a smaller debt or make a repayment before there are dire consequences, selling your old gadgets is a perfect idea. If you’re getting into the habit of recycling and going green, there are companies which will buy your gadgets from you if you recycle them. This is much better than throwing something away, and if you have some gadgets which are broken and nobody will buy them off you at a good price, recycling is definitely the way forward. If they’re in good working condition, you can get a good price from those who want to purchase gadgets but can’t quite afford to get them brand new. Look after your gadgets so that they are appealing to other people if you do decide to sell them. Advertise them online and in your local stores if they have a community notice board. Tell your friends that they could grab themselves a bargain, and don’t be ashamed to flog your gadgets on Facebook and other social networking sites – you never know who’s looking!

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