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    Posted June 12, 2014 by
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    Guns and children

    Let children be just that, children!

    I'm sure no parent would like their child killed!? We all can agree on that, right?

    It's quite easy to come to the conclusion, that the more guns, the more deadly outcome.

    Why do people have guns at home? They need to protect themselves, right? From what? From a society that is already on It's edge and apparently not working as it should.

    People in the US have a tendency to only see what's going on in the US, and further on, only in their own state.

    So, open up, widen your education and learn that this is a problem in the US it self. Not in Germany, not in Italy, not in Vietnam or any other country on this planet. Only in the US. Why? Because all other countries have much stricter gun laws and normally, people don't even think that they should have a gun in their possession. That's far beyond any thought.
    Why should ANY private person have a gun at home, if they are not working for the police, FBI, CIA or any other federal? Why?

    Guns are not for protection, guns are for harming and killing. Please get that straight.

    So, instead of getting stricter gun laws, the schools will start educate first graders about how to protect themselves from a shooter and teachers will start wearing guns in school…. That is a fundamental wrong-turn.

    What if a teacher get's crazy and start shooting? It would be easy since it will have a gun and knows how to use it.

    I've learnt my children to have their feet on the ground, be street smart and treat others as they want others to treat them.

    The less guns, the less harm and they can feel more safe.
    I would never put my children in a school where they teach them self defence in first grade. Let children be children and deal with the real problem, THE GUN LAWS!
    It's like we put all the heavy burden on our children and teach them how to deal with guns, crazy people and school shootings.
    Hey! We need to put ourselves together! NOW! Are we as stupid as the movie Idiocracy?

    There are some crazy people out there, but shouldn't we try to make it as hard for them as possible to do bad things?

    To all you people out there who supports the NRA with bribes or threats (with your gun of course), would it be worth it if your child or children got killed?


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