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    Posted June 12, 2014 by
    Frederick, Maryland

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    The Politics of Middle Class - Upper - Lower - and the non-existant

    I'm not a politician, and believe me when I say I don't understand the Government, I really do not. We are all living in a world where the middle class doesn't exist any more. Either you are rich or you are poor. However, through all of the schemes, laws, taxes etc. each and every one of us are poor. America is supposed to be the strongest, most richest nation on the whole planet. But we are not. There are enough homes in the United States that every homeless person could own a house. But, here we are pushing our nation out so they can't afford a home. Wouldn't you want your people in your nation to have a place to call home? Don't you think they want to survive? The rents / mortgages are too high. We don't own this earth, how can you make someone own a little peace at a huge cost. Then our food is being genetically changed to mass production to feed the nation, but there are tons of reason why not to eat it. And farmers can't sell left over seeds to people to grow their own food or they could lose their farm and or be fined. Would you not want the people of your country to know how to survive? If every home had a fruit or nut tree they would contribute to everybody's nutrition. And who came up with the whole credit thing? Not me? And I sure wouldn't believe in that a credit score should determine if you are a good person. If you are a hard working person and just had a rough spot in life. A credit score determines if you get a loan; car; house or anything else you want to think of. Interest rates are too high. Don't you want more customers to come and keep coming back because rates are low and keeps an even climb to the financial status of the world. Don't you want your people in your nation to be able to open a business or buy 10 houses? And I'm sorry to say this about the medical care in America. Obamacare made my life more difficult. Since insurance is offered through my job and I had my husband on it, we paid over $500.00 a month for something that didn't pay anyway. Why should a working person pay $100.00 for nasal spray and someone on public assistance pays about $1.00. Hard working people can't afford to get sick because they have to pay those high useless premiums. However, just like all people in the nation we want to be healthy. Don't you want the people of your nation to all be healthy and have the availability for medications to be affordable so they can survive? America has a long way to go before we can say that we are truly a nation. To me, there is no logic in politics. Just dumb answers to huge problems. Albert Einstein failed to make a light bulb so many times, but he just had to do it once the right way. And so the light bulb is on and the people of "THIS NATION" are waiting for a positive change to come. The people of "THIS NATION" are saying to the Government, "We know how to survive. Now can you?" I am a proud American and I would never speak ill of my country. But the country, the nation as a whole is standing and yelling for the system to change. So let "THIS NATION" be heard. Imagine a Nation where nobody was homeless, nobody was hungry, nobody wasn't able to get medical care. Nobody had to pay high insurance, interest, or living prices. It wouldn't be utopia, but it would be a start.
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