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    Online dating sites changed the game.

    From Online Dating sites such as match, e-harmony, and okcupid, to various phone apps to see singles near you, where ever you are, the dating game has changed dramatically. But is this always a good thing?

    A Guys perspective today: I can post all my great qualities, my best pictures, and I get to talk to single women ( as many as I want at a time) through messages. It makes it easy for me to talk without worrying about what she thinks, there are always more girls. We can get through some of the “getting to know you phase online, so when we meet its not so awkward. I have dated lots of women online, its been a fun experience and I feel confident I can always find another date without much effort.

    A Guys perspective in the past: Before online dating it is a little tougher to find dates. It was either through friends or school, once you are out of school you look at work and hopeful random encounters where ever you go. When you do get a girls interest you have a limited time to sell yourself to make her want to see you again. I did not date as much, but I had fun with the dates I did, they were real to me.

    Online dating comes with a lot of good and bad. The good is you have the privacy of being able to send messages and block people. Your selection is 10 fold. And you can really sell yourself easier, In other words you have the time to create a profile showing your qualities, and you send messages online, you can spell check, fix words and prepare before you send it. A lot less improve there. Some of the down sides of online dating is the increase in promiscuity, it’s so easy to hook up with people that it’s not quite as genuine as the old days, and since you sell yourself online so hard, you might find out that you or the other person is not what you though they were. Also lots of creeps and odd balls will show up. I know I have had some really odd dates from online dating, I know one person who started shouting about the psychology of students minds are altered by the milk served in the cafeteria. (at a restaurant, very awkward.) I had one woman very keen on learning about my finances. But you get the point.
    Meeting people person is almost unheard of these days. Most people don’t even put their phone down long enough to see what kind of people are around you. Who knows maybe there is love at first sight if you just stopped to look for it?

    The excitement of meeting someone and going on a date is still the best in my opinion, you know she is beautiful or he is handsome, they charmed you with their smile and now you are going to go into the unknown and go on a date to get to know them. Call me a helpless romantic, but that first meet is pretty magical.

    In the end online dating is a great tool to not only find people, but for you to find what you really are looking for. It’s a relatively safe way to meet people and make friends and potential a partner. Just don’t forget to get off your computer or phone, and enjoy the day outside. There are lots of people out there too.
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