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    Posted June 12, 2014 by
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    Speaker, Author and Coach Tammy Washington Pays Tribute to Legendary Maya Angelou’s Words of Wisdom and Shares How Those Words Apply To Her New Coaching Program


    “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God."


    This was the last tweet from Dr. Maya Angelou before she passed on May 28, 2014. Angelou was a national treasure who inspired and motivated millions with her words and actions. Born in 1928, in the segregated American South, Angelou overcame the obstacles placed by society and many personal tragedies to become the voice of a nation, even appearing as the National Poet at the first inauguration of President Bill Clinton in 1993.


    Angelou’s final words, delivered via Twitter sum up her philosophy nicely and in those 140 characters, she was able to speak to those who are searching for guidance. To Angelou, the answer to most of life’s challenges lies within each individual and with the help of God, everyone can reach their full potential. All that it takes is trusting your instincts and paying attention to that inner voice and the signs and messages received along the way.


    Acclaimed speaker, author and coach, Tammy Washington shares this philosophy and uses similar words to motivate women who are considering her Employee to Entrepreneur coaching program that helps women create products and services using the skills they already have.


    Washington recently launched her new program called “The Employee to Entrepreneur Mastermind” which aims to unlock the courage and strength women hold inside, and like Angelou, Washington believes that listening to that inner voice is essential to learning how to be unafraid to follow your dreams.


    “The Employee to Entrepreneur Mastermind” is a four-part process that helps women achieve success. Washington refers to her program by the acronym P.A.I.D. which stands for “Packaging your skills for their perfect Audience, while getting the Income you Deserve.” Washington is convinced that if women follow the Mastermind program they will quickly be on the fast track to success. According to Washington, “Women often feel stuck, underpaid and undervalued in their careers because they have not learned how to package the skills they already have to create the life they want.” The fear of the unknown often holds women back and Washington’s goal is to help women overcome this fear by listening to their inner voice and letting that guide them.


    Women who are afraid and who are stuck in a life they hate often hear that inner voice whispering things like, “there’s got to be something different out there,” or “there must be something better.” This is what Angelou referred to as the “voice of God”. Listening to this voice and taking action is the key to getting unstuck and being valued in life and at work and being paid in accordance with a skill level.


    Washington’s new program provides the clarity to allow women to hear these whispers and respond. In the process they can take the first steps to making their dreams a reality. Washington has uncovered a stunning fact that the she shares with her clients. Many studies show that only 7% of Americans are happy getting up and going to work each day. For the remaining 93%, daily life at the job is often sad and frustrating.


    Washington has developed a program that reveals the mistakes women make that keeps them stuck in an unhappy and unproductive space and that teaches women how to have true job security. According to Washington,” job security only comes from the confidence of knowing that you can create the income you need and want at any moment by tapping into your skills and putting them to use.”


    Washington was touched by Angelou’s last tweet because she has been telling women to listen to their inner voices and go with their gut in order to reach a higher level of success. Now, she can point to Angelou and reinforce the message that listening to oneself is the most important thing anyone can do to find peace and success.


    Tammy Washington is an author and entrepreneur who left the life of an employee and followed her own path to success. Her specialty is teaching women how to stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like and entrepreneur. It’s the path Washington herself took and she is convinced anyone can follow the same path.


    To learn more about Tammy Washington’s coaching programs visit http://www.TammyWashington.com

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