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    Posted June 13, 2014 by
    San Diego, California

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    This article from a "war victim" who is crying out on behalf of past and current innocent wars victims, who daily endurances suffering and loses of love ones killed in the wars, to the United States congress members of Republican and Democrat and president for peace, justice and healing!


    I worked for the U.S. Defense Attaché in Vietnam, and the United States evacuated me and my family to the California in April 1975! I have not talk to Senator McCain, but I his daughter Megan McCain during his Presidential campaign in California. The very important here is I really like and support Senator McCain’s works in Senate. It is the reason of I am sending this messages to him.


    My beloved dad killed by Vietnamese communist in battle field, my beloved mother died on April 29, 1975, one day after U.S. C-130 flew my family from Tan Son Nhut airbase to Clark airbase in Philippine, left my only sister behind, and she still in Vietnam now, because the U.S. Immigration and the Department of State illegally canceled an approved Immigration Visa Petition I sponsored my beloved only sibling and her family!


    I am in shoes of soldiers who died in war zones’ immediately families! Who fully understood of huge loses result from wars. The permanent loses of father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, aunt, uncle result from wars’ destructions ! The Almighty God allowed me in victim of war for me shared in writing, and to help global government leaders and enemies, I meant included terrorists of violence, war and terrorist activities only generate greater of destructions, and never achieve peace and justice. It meant the result for those involved in wars, violence, and terrorists activities is they must pay in full damages they caused to themselves and to others! I knew everyone live in denial regard to the issues of wars and terrorist activities, for work to destroy their enemies!


    There are very serious and most important issue is government leaders exercise their positions’ power, fund wars with taxpayers’ dollars! That taxpayers and government leaders violated the Almighty Eternal Creator’s law, “should shall not kill”, taxpayers dollars paid for wars result taxpayers are indirectly responsible and liable to certain levels of the result from wars! Terrorists’ privates financial funding terrorists activities are indirectly responsible and liable for the result like taxpayers!


    While government leaders, officials , soldiers, and terrorists are directly responsible and liable for result of each and all actions. The responsibility and liability level s based on authority of each individual. Result from destructions of wars and other words and activities cause too many serious problems in the United States and globally!


    I am an independent declined party, I thought the most important in America is boost up economy for un-employment have jobs put foods on table and shelters for children. Due to Candidate Mitt Romney has private sector CEO business background, I supported Mr. Romney the bit for the White House. I left the polling place and dropped off election supplies, I found Mr. Barrack Obama won election, I asked God who is Creator and Father of human race, I said, “Father, what is going here?” That very same night, while I was sleep, he appeared in my dream, gave me dream, and he said to me “Global wars must end before economic better!” At this point I understood, God put Mr. Barrack Obama in the White House, works on slowly end global wars and violence, terrorists activities, because Republican party goal is dominating global countries with wars and bomb striking!


    President George Walker deployed American force to Irag, God told me there was no weapon of destructive in Irag, Mr. Sadam Hussein gave them to terrorists, I wrote to President Bush. As the same time, I knew no one will listen to God’s warnings, until everywhere collapsed and at that time they will listen. The above wars and violence that continue in Europe and Africa continent, and must spear to the United Sates revealed in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation that no one understand symbols, for that reason, during the night before dawn of July 13, 2006, the Almighty Creator converted symbols in Chapter Revelation chapter 12 to current symbols, for me to understand them, and explain to global public of the meanings of the, and the fulfillment of the Book of Revelations already began. Link to the July 13, 2006 revelation,


    Prior to President Bush deployed American soldiers t Iraq, during President William Jefferson Clinton was President, God issued an order, through my services of filed a Petition in U.S. Tax Court, along with another civil suit, sued President Clinton, President Candidate George Walker Bush, all members of Senate, excepted Senator John McCain. The Petition in Tax Court and suit filed in Federal Court, Southern District of California, God the Master and Messiah Jesus very clearly to global government leaders and global public of, He is the Almighty Eternal Creator and He is sole owner of the earth, government elected leaders are His appointed through people for services, government leaders, included Judiciary branch’s officials must comply to His laws! After the two complaints filed in Federal Court, I compiled in my series of books, entitled, Mysteries of God Revealed to Man.


    At the end, I sincerely ask the Republican party to cooperate with Democrat to as quick as possible to end global wars, I also ask Democrat to end funding abortions with American taxpayers dollars, because these two are badly murdered human physical bodies and preventing the Almighty Eternal Creator ongoing creation of human life on earth. Then, whenever God time comes, He surely will talk to terrorists in spiritual realm along with through me publicly, and terrorists will listen!

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