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    If Autumn Burke is like her mother, former LA County Supervisor Yvonne "Brentwood" Burke, 2nd District Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, his son Sebastian Thomas, the felon Senator Roderick Wright, etc., then Autumn Burke is Unfit for Political Office!


    RE: "The Rise of Autumn Burke" by Kenneth D. Miller Assistant Managing Editor, LA Sentinel, May 14, 2014

    Selected Excerpt: “My mother and I are very similar in that we both have a passion to serve the people and the community we live in. But, we are also different. In today’s world many of the issues are different, but in the end it is our passion for service that drove her then and it is what drives me now”. - Autumn Burke, candidate for the CA 62nd State Assembly District



    LA County Charter, ARTICLE II, Board of Supervisors, Section 4.

    "The County of Los Angeles shall have a Board of Supervisors consisting of five members, each of whom must be an elector of the district which he represents, must reside therein during his incumbency, must have been such an elector for at least one year immediately preceding his election, and shall be elected by such district. Their terms of office shall be four years, and each shall hold until his successor is elected and qualified. No person while a member of the Board of Supervisors shall receive any compensation, in addition to that provided for by this Section, for services rendered to any public or governmental entity. They shall each receive as compensation for their services a salary, payable monthly from the County Treasury, which shall be the same as that now or hereafter prescribed by law for a judge of the Superior Court in and for the County of Los Angeles, except that retirement benefits shall be those now or hereafter provided by law for officers and employees of the County of Los Angeles. They shall devote all their time during business hours to the faithful service of the public."


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    If she, Autumn Burke is anything like her mother, in violation of the LA County Charter former Supervisor Yvonne "Brentwood" Burke, no good 2nd District Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas, his son Sebastian Thomas, the felon Senator Roderick Wright, no good lying 10th District LA City Councilman Herb Wesson, etc., etc., then Autumn Burke is not worthy of anyone's vote, because she is truly unfit for political office.



    Speaking of Danny Bakewell, Sr.


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    Speaking of the infamous Los Angeles "Yellow Journal" Sentinel




    All Blacks voters have not been duped......


    Source "THE SOULVINE The people versus the politicians"- Betty Pleasant, South West Wave, February 27, 2014

    Selected Excerpts:

    1. Seven local politicians have come together to host a fundraising event for Autumn Burke, the ain’t-never-done-a-thing daughter of retired Supervisor Yvonne Burke and her uber rich husband, Bill Burke, who is running for the 62nd Assembly District seat against water board director Gloria Gray, a woman who has spent her life in service to the people and who has been honored for her service on many occasions by the same politicians who now believe that the Burke daughter would make a better representative of the people than Gray. Do they really believe that? No. There are other motives and angles involved and I want to discuss a couple of them.

    2. This slap in the people’s face by these seven politicians has so disturbed the community that their constituencies are now calling them “The Seven Dwarfs.” And just who are these seven dwarfs everybody is grumbling about? They are, in the order they list themselves in the invitation to their Burke fundraiser: Second District Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas; City Council President Herb Wesson; Assembly members Steve Bradford, Reginald Jones-Sawyer, Isadore Hall, Chris Holden and Sebastian Ridley-Thomas. Supervisor Ridley-Thomas is the most powerful of the seven and is the oddest of the Burke supporters, given that he has never been in the Yvonne Burke camp, which includes his most obnoxious foe, Councilman Bernard Parks.

    3. It’s understandable why 10th District Councilman Wesson, who has been shockingly blessed by having Koreatown — the most vibrant area in the city — designated a promise zone while the poorer sections of his district got nothing, would support the Burke daughter. Wesson served as Supervisor Burke’s chief of staff and he owes his political career to her. Under the circumstances, the least he can do to show is gratitude is endorse her daughter for the Assembly — or for anything else her mama wants her to have.
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