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    Posted June 13, 2014 by

    How To Be A Consultant From Anywhere, Using Just An iPhone

    Not to be an Apple fanboy, but I do love me some iPhone. It’s the equivalent of a 5-figure TV production studio, plus apps for just about anything you’d want to do… right in your pocket.

    I’ve been a technology and marketing consultant since 2001, because I discovered early on that consulting is one of the best ways to turn your passion and experience into an income.

    It’s allowed me to pursue whatever interests me at the moment, then turn around and share what I’ve learned to help others… all while collecting a paycheck. It’s the only real lifestyle business I’ve ever come across.

    According to Forbes, consulting is a $100 Billion industry, and the US Dept. Of Labor Statistics says consulting will grow another 83% by 2018. That makes it one of the most lucrative industries to be in, especially since all you really need to get started is the knowledge that’s already in your head (or the knowledge you want to go out, acquire, and share).

    Below are my top 5 favorite iPhone tools for working remotely, in no particular order of importance:

    #1: iMovie (paid)

    You can record videos, edit them right on your phone, upload them straight to YouTube, and share them with your clients. Pretty awesome, and these videos essentially become reusable business assets for you to use with future clients.

    #2: Skype (free)

    Who doesn’t love Skype? Free internet calls from anywhere, to anywhere? Video chat? Text chat? I use it daily.

    #3: Trello (free)

    Free project management, anyone? Trello is similar to the Kanban board style of project management, or SCRUM… except it’s completely digital, and lives on the innerwebs. That means you can access it from virtually any internet connected device. They also have a pretty slick iOS App.

    #4: Google Docs (free)

    Google docs is a great way to collaborate. You can create a document and have multiple people edit it in real time, with all the edits and authors tracked. A great feature to have, and it’s FREE.

    #5: Dropbox (free / paid option)

    Dropbox is my personal “cloud”. It’s allows me to store TONS of stuff (at the moment over 100GB), and it’s very easy to share critical documents, contracts, and anything else with my clients. Plus they have a free starter account to get you going.

    So there you have it. 5 free or low-cost tools to help you help your clients from wherever on this beautiful planet you happen to be. Enjoy!
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