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    Posted June 13, 2014 by
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    Obama: The Essence of Incompetence

    1. Iraq lost to Al-Queda and radical muslims. Iran moving in.
    2. U.S. surrenders in both Afghanistan and Iraq, unconditionally. Al-Queda wins.
    3. U.S. borders in complete disarray. Obama says that illegal immigration is our future. Sorry, middle-class America, you’re not part of the equation.
    4. Obama releases 5 top Taliban leaders, one of which was a key figure in the planning of 9-11, breaks the law, negotiates with the enemy during a time of war, replenishes enemy ranks.
    5. Obama loses Crimea and eastern Ukraine to Russia.
    6. Obama arms Al-Queda fighters in Syria through a Libyan CIA outpost, then covers it up when the operation goes bad and 4 U.S. government employees are killed by those same Al-Queda elements.
    7. China and Russia power rising and expanding as America tucks tail and runs.
    8. Obamacare
    9. 92 million people unemployed
    10. 100 million people on some kind of government assistance
    11. 17 Trillion dollars in debt and climbing rapidly
    12. Obama lies to Congress and the American people on a routine basis.
    13. Obama demonizes veterans that support the Constitution as potential homegrown terrorists.
    14. Obama attacks the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms on a continuous basis.
    15. Obama attacks free speech by designating anyone that speaks in support of the Constitution as being a potential homegrown terrorist.
    16. Obama covertly ran thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels resulting in the destruction of Mexico. More people have died from gun violence in Mexico in the past few years than U.S. soldiers lost in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan combined. Mexico is a ‘gun free’ zone. Obama covered this up with an executive order.

    So who is Obama: He was raised by radical Islamists & Communist parents. He was trained and mentored by Communists. It has been reported that his education was paid for by taxpayer dollars as he claimed to be a foreign student. Rumour has it that his Harvard education was sponsored by a Saudi Prince. He was a member of the Chicago National Socialists party, a radical communist fringe group. He joined the Democratic party to get elected to Illinois State Senate. He was a radical community agitator. He is a member of the Fabian Society Socialists.

    So, is this incompetence? Or is this a smart man following an agenda? Did anyone really expect anything different from this guy?

    Can anyone tell me why the President, any President would willfully follow these types of policies?

    Is it time to impeach yet?
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