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    Posted June 13, 2014 by
    villa park, Illinois
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    Living with a chronic illness

    Living with Chronic Lyme

    In 2012 after I was bit by a mosquito, I came down with flu like symptoms. With in three days I could not use my legs. I want you to imagine that you can drive, you can walk, you have control of your life, then one day it's all taken away from you. Once I got the flu like symptoms, I started having seizures.

    I went to my primary doctor, and finally she ran a test for west niles, and Lyme disease. I showed positive for Lyme. She followed the CDC guideline, and I was given the standard dose of Doxy. Needless to say, after three weeks I did not get better. I continued to get worse.

    In January of 2013, I was now using a cane to walk, I am having upward of 15 seizures a day. When the dosage of doxy did not cure me, I was sent to other doctors. I saw over 30 of them. I was told yes I did have Lyme but cure myself, then I was told we don't have Lyme here in Illinois. In the meantime, I continued to get sicker, I started falling down, my hands and legs started freezing up, my speech would come and go. I could no longer drive a car.

    I was told by more than one doctor , that it was all in my head, that the seizures were not real. I begged doctor after doctor to help me, but the either didn't know what to do for me or just decided I needed mental help, and wouldn't help me.

    Now we are in 2014, recent blood tests show I have many co-infections of Lyme disease, and at this point my Lyme disease is chronic. I use a wheelchair , and walker just to get around my house. I don't go outside because I shake and fall all the time. I can't work, there are days that I can speak. To this day most doctors here will not help me.

    Last stage or chronic Lyme disease is real, and is happening more and more because doctors are following guidelines that do not make sense. Just thank about it, we wouldn't stop treatment a cancer patient because two or three weeks of medicine didn't fix them, we would treat them until they are well. All most of us with Lyme is asking for the same thing. We need treatment, we need proper testing, more research, and how about some compassion?

    I was a full-time collector for 15 years and a student with a grade point average of a 4.0, then it got to the point where I couldn't spell my name. My hands shake so bad, I can't hold a pen most days. Yet doctor after doctor said nothing is wrong with me, how can this be ?

    Also after doing research I have found many people with late stage Lyme has seizures, this not knew, Lyme is not new, yet it's being hidden away, about how many people are truly sick with this disease. I want what everyone with this disease wants, I want my life back. I would like to take my kids to a movie or go for a walk, simple things. Yet I spend my days in bed, because my body just stopped working.

    This disease is not in our heads, It's in every part of our bodies, and it's disabling us, and killing us.

    In Illinois, where I am told we don't have Lyme disease.
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