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    Posted June 14, 2014 by
    Watertown, New York
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    The NSA's 'Pre-Crime Unit'- Minority Report-How NSA Secretly Aids Criminal Cases Like "Thought Criminal", Ryan Kelly Chamberlain

    Is 'thought' now a crime without acting on that thought that once made it a crime?
    We've all seen the movie, "Minority Report", with Tom Cruise. The movie takes place in the not to distant future where a pre-crime unit uses the abilities of three clairvoyants to find criminals before they commit a crime.
    It raises many questions in the mind of the viewer.
    Should we arrest someone for simply thinking about committing a crime?
    The FBI and police agencies don't need three psychics these days to nab a potential criminal that may be planning or thinking about committing a crime because they have the metadata the NSA collects.
    This data is being given to police agencies secretly and unlawfully to thwart criminals that are guilty of nothing but thinking bad thoughts.
    Of course, the indictment that's brought down on this 'thought criminal' is justified by the police 'saying ' that they had evidence and testimony provided by a undisclosed source or 'witness'.
    And who is the source?
    Why would the NSA collect everyone's information if they didn't plan on using it for some purpose?

    'How NSA Can Secretly Aid Criminal Cases' by Ray McGovern
    "Rarely do you get a chance to ask a just-retired FBI director whether he had “any legal qualms” about what, in football, is called “illegal procedure,” but at the Justice Department is called “parallel construction.”

    Government wordsmiths have given us this pleasant euphemism to describe the use of the National Security Agency’s illegal eavesdropping on Americans as an investigative tool to pass on tips to law enforcement agencies which then hide the source of the original suspicion and “construct” a case using “parallel” evidence to prosecute the likes of you and me.

    For those interested in “quaint” things like the protections that used to be afforded us by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution, information about this “parallel construction” has been in the public domain, including the “mainstream media,” for at least a year or so.

    So, I welcomed the chance to expose this artful practice to still more people with cameras rolling at a large conference on “Ethos & Profession of Intelligence” at Georgetown University on Wednesday, during the Q & A after former FBI Director Robert Mueller spoke.

    Mueller ducked my question regarding whether he had any “legal qualms” about this “parallel construction” arrangement. He launched into a discursive reply in which he described the various ”authorities” enjoyed by the FBI (and the CIA), which left the clear impression not only that he was without qualms but that he considered the practice of concealing the provenance of illegally acquired tip-off information somehow within those professed “authorities.”

    Bottom line? Beware, those of you who think you have “nothing to hide” when the NSA scoops up your personal information. You may think that the targets of these searches are just potential “terrorists.” But the FBI, Internal Revenue Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and countless other law enforcement bodies are dipping their cursors into the huge pool of mass surveillance.

    And, chances are that if some of your scooped-up data gets shared with law enforcement and the Feds conclude that you’ve violated some law, you’ll never become aware of how they got onto you in the first place. They’ll just find some “parallel” evidence to nail you."
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    FBI: San Francisco man who had bomb items at home bought lethal toxins online

    So if the NSA knows everything about everything, why don't they expose all the corruption in Congress?
    Catch the hackers that spread viruses that infect our computers?
    Or have a massive round up of all tax cheats that keep their money in offshore accounts?
    Better be careful of what you think and say about our government because now they fear us.
    1984? We're well beyond what Orwell could have ever imagined.
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