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    Experiencing Investigation in 360 degree at Bangladesh


    In Bangladesh the outward appearance of crime is present in various forms such as Drug Trafficking, Money Laundering, Extortion, Contract killing, Fraud, Human Trafficking, Robbery, Corruption, Black Marketeering, Political Violence, Terrorism and Abduction among others. Bangladesh is used as a transit route for narcotics produced in neighboring countries.

    Government, law enforcement forces and media of Bangladesh always bestow sky-scraping spotlight on various crime related involvement. After the opening of the Satellite channels of Bangladesh, different types of Programs Highlighted various issues on crime investigation. A long numbered list is being found for the name of these types of the program. A brand new program of Jamuna Television entitled Investigation 360 Degree added recently into the list. A named Journalist, Supan Roy presented the program.

    Various social, governmental issues highlighted in this program. On every episode various issues are investigated by the reporters of the team. Although Bangladesh is not a good friendly place for broadcast media, the reporters of Investigation 360 Degree try to highlight and investigate various issues.


    A variety of highly sensitive camera and equipments is being used at the investigation of different Issues. In an open discussion with renowned media personalities in Bangladesh, Hanif Sanket defines that, ‘Different episode of Investigation 360 Degree reflects various social and communal crimes and crisis. Such types of investigation will shape Media participation at Society.’
    Investigation 360 Degree highlighted different issues attacked into the society of Bangladesh. Crimes, drugs, pornography, hacking, swindle and many other forms of social and institutional crime crop up at Bangladesh. Among the social and medical ills of the twentieth century, substance abuse ranks as on one of the most devastating and costly.


    The drug problem today is a major global concern including Bangladesh. Almost all addictive drugs over stimulate the reward system of the brain, flooding it with the neurotransmitter dopamine. That produces euphoria and that heightened pleasure can be so compelling that the brain wants that feeling back again and again. An estimated 4.7% of the global population aged 15 to 64 or 184 million people, consume illicit drug annually. Heroin, Yaba use alone is responsible for the epidemic number of new cases of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and drug addicted infant born each year.

    Department of narcotic control (DNC) in Bangladesh reported in June 2008 that about 5 million drug addicts in the country & addicts spend at least 17 (Seventeen) billion on drugs per year. Among these drug addicts, 91% are young and adolescents population. Investigation 360 Degree highlighted an assortment of investigative reports on the ground. Dr Abdun Nur Tuser, a distinguished social activist from Bangladesh says that, different dimension of the investigation and research depth differentiates the program from others. Presentation and design of the program change the common form of other programs.

    Every Friday at BST 9.20 PM Jamuna Television telecast the program. A high depth of research and investigation involved in the reports of the program. News personality and Media Specialist, Shykh Seraj, is a veteran, award-winning Bangladeshi journalist, media personality and agriculture development activist. He pronounced that, Investigation 360 Degree is a good platform for the new reporters to learn of in-depth and investigate report. A teacher from University of Dhaka, Robaet Ferdous, a professor of Mass Communication and Journalism highlighted that, the programs like Investigation 360 Degree find different fault and crack of society and government.

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